Monday, January 14, 2013

Three P's Are All You Need...


The first 'P' is 'P'outine....

As in the 2nd annual Lotuslandian Poutine Festival:

...After our first Poutine festival a year ago, we are pleased to come back with our second edition on Saturday March 9, 2013 at the Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street, Vancouver (near 15th Avenue). This year, we have a better, bigger venue, better location, a full-on rock show with Liftoff, more poutine for everyone...

I'm pretty sure littler e. will want to be there. Bigger E. will just have to walk out the door and walk in any direction to find her own.


The second 'P' is 'P'unk...

As in a second show to kick-off DOA's farewell tour because, well, the first show is sold out:

Legendary punk's D.O.A have travelled the globe almost continuously since they formed in 1978 and released their first snarling piece of vinyl, the "Disco Sucks" EP. That slab of plastic opened the door to international prominence, 14 studio albums and three generations of fans. 2013 marks the band's 35th and final year....


I can't tell you how much I dig the fact that they're playing Lasqueti Island BC, Reseda CA, and Banff Alberta during said farewell.

DIY right to the bloody end.


And, finally, the third 'P' is 'P'olitics...

Which is the reason that Joe Keithley is putting the boots to the band, as noted by Stuart Derdeyne of The Province:

...After 14 studio albums and more tours than he can remember, the hardcore punk legend's leader, Joey Keithley, is hanging up his guitar.

Keithley is taking the band slogan of Talk-Minus-Action-Equals-Zero to heart. He will enter the next phase of public life, seeking nomination to run as the B.C. NDP candidate for Coquitlam-Burke Mountain. He first became a party member at age 18.

"I have spent my whole life involved in political causes outside the system. If music hadn't taken off, I was planning on continuing from my studies at [Simon Fraser University] to become a civil-rights lawyer," Keithley says.

"This is the fourth time that I've run for office. Once for Burnaby City Council, when I got slaughtered. Twice for the Green Party and now with the NDP, who I truly believe will form the next government in the province.

"I'm ready to work for change inside the system with the only party with a truly progressive platform."...

{snippety doo-dah}

..."That's what you do when you are making a change and serious about it. This isn't like Jello Biafra running for mayor of San Francisco with no money and no chance at all of winning even if he did still get something like four per cent of the vote.

"I have to win the March 3 nomination, but I believe that I will and that I will win the election. Like going into music, you have to believe in yourself and make it happen."...

Honestly, something like this was literally impossible to even begin to contemplate back in the days when we were trying to keep from getting beat up by Igor before we even got inside the Buddha.

Now, if only my brothers would quit comparing my ever more dominant brow ridges to those of Shithead everytime the family gets together to play folk and/or Neil Young songs.


Of course, 'P' is also for Pete, as in Seeger....I remember that Sunday afternoon in the spring of 1986...Free show at Malkin Bowl...Arlo was there too...My Dad came over to see it with C. and me...Like yesterday I tell 'ya....Yesterday.


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