Friday, January 04, 2013

Thanks To Everyone Times A Billion!


Thanks to everyone who came to watch (and clap and cheer) and help us celebrate our first ever 'UkeFolkFunkFusionFest' last night.

It was so great to have our friends Donna and Dennis play with us and have all kinds of fun with folks from all of our worlds (and yes, that included friends from this crazy, mixed-up thing called Blogworld).

I can't tell you how proud I was watching my oldest kid's talent bloom and fill the entire room.

Not to mention the joy of having my youngest kid and my wife help with all the setting up and the executing of the thing (especially the merch-making!).

And best of all, we raised $150 for the kids who live at 'Angelitos Felices', an orphanage in Honduras that Jody Paterson and Paul Willcocks are helping to make a place that they can have a real life at.

You can read more about all that, and maybe even donate a little yourself by checking out their 'Go Fund Me' website, here.

Thanks again to everyone who came in person and to all the fantastic well wishes we got from those of you out there who were there in spirit, not to mention pixels.

We played at Ross' place (his real name) on Venables just off Commercial in Vancouver...It's called 'The Prophouse'...We recommend it most highly for coffee, treats, real food, and an ambience/decor that can't be beat....And we can't thank Ross enough either...After all,  he let us come in and take over the place for an entire evening for absolute free (he even let us use his great sound system that you just plug into and go)...I'm telling you, if you have any interest in putting on any kind of show, just stop by and ask....Ross won't say no (heckfire, he said yes to me so you know he's willing to try just about anything)...
Sound and pictures from the show coming,  promise....Just have to wade through all the footage over the next couple of days...
And yes, there was a live rendition of 'Song For Beer!'...



paul said...

We've been traveling and offline. Sounds like a great show, and much thanks for passing the hat. And congrats to whoever created such a great donation box.
Heading back to Copan, and Angelitos, today.
Paul and Jody

RossK said...

You're Welcome!

Box courtesy of our Merch Manager (no longer so) littler e. shown at the front end of our video of the event, here.


North Van's Grumps said...

You're the expert RossK. What am I to do with these music sheets from the 1930's