Thursday, January 24, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)....This Is Not Something You Have Seen Before.


Regarding that business with Minister Coleman, in our opinion, peddling his influence, trying to get Surrey civic councillors to do the 'right thing' in front of the big Casino vote last weekend?


Don't look now, but even the (nolongerso) Giant98, CKNW, has kinda/sorta almost noticed.


Who will do the big climb-back on this one?

(somehow I figure it won't be Mr. McComb)

And we note, with interest, that Ms. Sara chose to speak to one of the locally-elected councillors that voted AGAINST Mr. Coleman's most magnanimous wishes...
Meanwhile....GrantG has the breakdown of Mr. John Doyle's statements to Ms. Sara earlier this afternoon, here....This will soon become very, very big (nonBogus-Bollywood) news I reckon...



North Van's Grumps said...

The real question is Why did Coleman lean on two Councillors after the first part of the Public Hearing had been ADJOURNED (no witnesses, no press, no OPEN and Transparency) and BEFORE the Public Hearing Continued.

“The general rule is that the Municipal Council cannot consider any information or material after the Public Hearing, since the consideration of new information or receipt by Council could deny other persons the opportunity to be heard in relation to the new information and material.”

Anonymous said...

Yes, North Van Grumps, that's true.
I sent an email to Council between the dates of the casino public hearing in Vancouver and received a reply saying that they couldn't receive any more messages while the hearings were still in motion.
So how does Coleman get to talk with them between hearings?!?