Saturday, January 05, 2013

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?


What diasporas are made of...

Thing is...

You always can go home again.


Remember that young whippersnappers who might be feelin' the pull as you leave on your jet planes today.


Short above written and directed by Dublin's Dave Tynan....
Hey...If you woke up this morning and learned that you missed the latest Earthquake/Tsunami story, you can see it all unfold by reading the last 12 hr of Johanna Wagstaffe's Twittmobile...
And if you want to read a great New Year's 'Resolution Road Post'...Head on over to our good friend Karen's place....Here.



karen said...

Wow! That was wonderful!

You always have such great stuff. Thanks!

Has your whippersnapper gone east already?

Is bittersweet, is it not? She is wonderful and talented and brave and it makes you so proud to watch her fly, but there is a little bit of heartbreak to let her go...

RossK said...

Thanks Karen--

There is just so much great stuff out there to share...


Tonight...E. leaves on that jet plane tonight.

And, yes, the breaking is exactly as you say.

(video from our recent ukefolkfunkfest coming, promise...C. shot tons of stuff, so I'm having trouble deciding what to post-up)


RossK said...


Just read your New Year's post.

Really, really fantastic stuff - will link to in footnotes to post.

karen said...

Aw, thanks for your kind words, RossK, and for the link.