Monday, January 28, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...Are Gov't Ministers Only 'For Show'?


The VSun's Jennifer Steffenhagen is absolutely flummoxed that Christy Clark's (so-called) Education Minister Don 'Spikey' McRae claimed this morning that he knew nothing of the coming 'framework agreement' between teachers and school boards as he was laying out the stupid on the table last week:

...The suggestion that he was unaware of the BCTF-BCPSEA proposal (or the date for ratification, if that’s what he was referring to) until Jan. 19 is incredible. Although my story about this deal was the first media report, it had been in the works since November, and the BCPSEA board of directors includes four senior ministry officials, one of whom is assistant deputy minister Claire Avison....

Which prompted a killer tweet from Paul Willcocks that forms the basis of the header to this piece:

Incredible, really.

Remember, Ms. Clark herself was pumping the stupid as something that would protect the education of young children from Grade 2-12 when she herself would have to be the same if she did not know (in her heart of hearts) that it was nothing but deflector spin pure and simple as she was doing the pumping.

And this is governance?


Oh...And the fact that Ms. Steffenhagen works the Education beat as a longterm gig for the VSun says volumes here in that she really knows this stuff - and it shows (including the naming of the apparatchik)...
Hey...Look!...The Globe's Wendy Stuek has now tweeted up the fact that 'Dec 7th bulletin' from the school board ass'n that we referred to yesterday said that the coming 'framework' would be discussed with the Ministry....



Anonymous said...

today's weasel word is: term

as in "short-term" and "long term”

RossK said...


Mr. McRae has changed his tune?

This is really unfreaking believable.

It's like Rumsfeld is loose amongst known knowns that can't be known because they are not 10 year pie-in-the-sky pieces of crap.

And will the proMedia go after him on this?

Somehow I doubt it....Especially if he disappears for a month or three.

Then again, Snook and the Wizards just may leave him twisting in the wind given that he is useless to their PR efforts now.