Monday, January 14, 2013

The Casino Industrial Complex...Did PavCo Make Sure There Was No One Around To Start Screaming That...

....The Fix Was In?

Remember how messy things got back in the day when all those other Railways not named CN started screaming bloody murder about how the fix was in from the beginning of the BC Rail bidding process  way back in the early days of the 'Golden Era' (ie. 2003)?


That never happened with the failed Casino Industrial Complex bid that went to Paragon after all the shine had started to come off that soon to be Gordless 'Era' (ie. 2009).

Why not, you might ask?

Well, back when the deal was announced I naively figured it was because the Golden Era's designated watercarriers at PavCo deliberately kept the timeline between their release of the 'Request For Proposals' and announcing that Paragon was the winner really, really short.

But now, based on information that Ian Reid has unearthed through an extremely lengthy FOI process, it likes PavCo may have, for all intents and purposes, pre-chosen Paragon (you know, the fine folks from Vegas with the local BC Liberal Party insider connection) months prior to the RFP announcement.

Which, if true, would mean that the fix was actually in BEFORE the beginning.

Imagine that!


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