Monday, January 28, 2013

Shutter Ledge For Four Years, Pay For...

...Bogus Bollywood Awards Thingy!

Democracy a money loser....

Who knew?



motorcycleguy said...

I think we should let Vaughn's employer know they could save money too....after all if he is the legistlative reporter but there is no legislature to report on it would be silly to pay him...wouldn't it?

Bill said...

Vaughn Palmer is really spinning on this one or just not getting it.

The real story is how much not having the Ledge sit and real democracy in action versus the cost of all the Liberal's back room deals - done unaccountable to the people (and most of the MSM).

The so called cost saving is spent hundreds of times over and unfortunately we are the ones paying for it.

RossK said...

I think Mr. P. is getting it here...Getting the irony I mean.


Gary E said...

Typical Liberal math. By my reconing on just one boondoggle the taxpayer lost (not saved) 8 million.

New bogus awards show= $11 million
Closing the Ledge so there is no accountability = $3 million.

Difference = -$8 Million (loss)
And I didn't include the taxpayer paid adds.

Grant G said...

Despite the Vancouver Sun and cknw playing up this poll, there is nothing in the data, or tracking chart to indicate that..Nothing

Chris said...

Savings in shutting down the legislature: $3 million.

Cost of Bogus Bollywood Awards Thingy: $11 million.

This fresh lesson in Liberal priorities: Priceless.

RossK said...



But when you have a group of folks running things who appear to know the cost of everything and the true value of, essentially, nothing...