Friday, January 25, 2013

This Just In...The Granny Grifter Once Known As Caribou Barbie...

....Has Been Dropped By FOX News.

TBogg, as you might expect, has thought pretty hard about what might happen next:

...Somehow I can’t imagine Princess Dumbass of The Norwoods (credit: C. Pierce) turning down a nice paycheck for troweling on some make-up and spending four minutes  a couple of nights a week salad shooting some incoherent human-like sounds at Greta van Nolips  from her Fox-built Wasilla studio/meth lab/Trig corral. I guess Sarah could end up at CNN which is, after all,  a bit of a mess. Say what you will about the tenets of catering-to-the-lowest-common-denominator, racist, hyperbolic, Express Hover-Round To BugF*ckNutsVille Fox News, unlike CNN, at least its an ethos.

More likely in Sarah’s future I see some ribbon cuttings at Hobby Lobby grand openings, a few more domestic disturbance calls from the neighbors living close by 
Winter White House North
Ice Palace Of The Boss Of You Casa de Gunshots & Incoherent Screaming...


I'm not entirely certain I fully agree with Mr. Bogg's analysis this time 'round.

Personally, now that Ms. Palin has, for sure, lost out on that Billy Shatner sidekick Priceline thingy to the kid from the Big Bang Theory, I reckon a gig as the new pitchmaster-flash for 'Depends' and/or a Siberian knock-off of 'The Clapper' might be the next really big thing on that horizon she can see from her house.

After all, rumour has it that, especially now that his best tent-pitching days are allegedly behind him, William The Bloody just might be ready to start using both, big-time.



spartikus said...

Sweet memories, via highlights from "Game Change".

And by "sweet" I mean "terrifying"

RossK said...

Thanks spart!

(I think)