Saturday, January 19, 2013

As The Herd Turns...Christy Goes To Calgary



As Alison points out, with the help of both Mound of Sound and Big City (not BC) Lib, it is mighty interesting that the National proMedia are suddenly falling all over each other trying to get the goods on Christy Clark's recent fundraiser with the Tarsludge Luggers in the Albertalands.

Why interesting that the members of the media herd are now chasing each others tails?

Well, because there is ample evidence that this has going on since, like...


In fact, most ironically, it was even going on while Ms. Clark was apparently stamping her feet, flailing her fists, and allegedly threatening to never tell Alison Redford the tale of Mr. Skin during their Northern Gateway confron(o)tation last fall.

But here's something else that Alison also notes...

Calgary Frack Gas Co Encana has given her and hers more than $500,000 in the last three years alone, twice in dollops of $120,000 each.


In December 2012, in the wake of the Nexen deal, Encana flew under the radar as they did this:

CALGARY — Less than a week after Ottawa waved through CNOOC Ltd.’s $15.1-billion takeover of Nexen Inc., a different Chinese state-owned company is plowing another $2.2-billion into the Canadian oilpatch.

Natural gas giant Encana Corp. and a subsidiary of PetroChina announced Thursday they have reached a deal to work together in the Duvernay, a promising shale natural gas formation in west-central Alberta....


The next time Encana gives money to Christy...


We reckon Ms. Krause and her special friends in the proMedia herd will be all over the offshore cash connection...




North Van's Grumps said...

The "Royalties" that Christy says she wants for British Columbians, is actually a code word for the petroleum companies in Alberta to DONATE to the BC Liberal Party.

Danneau said...

Not really the place for it, but I thought you might be interested to see that Crooks and Liars has Glen Hansard at the head of their rundown of Bobblehead news shows for Sunday Morning:

Have a great Sunday.


Alison said...

Paging Kathryn Marshall ... "foreign special interests and their deep pocket puppets"

"As the herd turns" Heh.
Watching the media cover this was like watching peewee hockey : players in oversized jerseys all chasing after the puck, held up only by their own hockey sticks.

RossK said...


I reckon the two are likely more like hand and glove.


Politics and music colliding on a Sunday morning?

Never off-topic!

Thanks - I'm on my way...


I wonder....

How long will it be until the Marshall family singers start playing the media for saps over ethical earthqua.....errr....