Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We Have Only One Teenager In Our Family Now...

...Because Bigger E. Just Turned 20!


For those looking for it, my initial comments on the judge's decision not to give the Auditor General details of the 6 million dollar Railgate payoff are in the post immediately below this one...

When our oldest kid E. was born we lived in the Bay Area.

Her first ballgame was at old Candlestick when she was three months old, lower left field corner...Bay Bridge series the weekend before opening day 1993...Rickey Henderson and, by some twist of fate, Barry Bonds both played a few innings in left that windy afternoon...I think it was Sunday.

A few weeks later I took her to Oakland Alameda County Coliseum on the BART train to see the A's play...On my own...She stayed in the backpack pretty much the whole time...mostly sleeping while I just walked around and around the concourses of that gigantic donut...The upper decks were mostly empty...I chatted for a while with an old guy usher named Bill high up on the third level in right field...even wrote a story about that...I think it's on a 3.5'' floppy somewhere...Should probably try and find it.

The image at the top of the post is of E. just before she started getting really big...Summer holidays 2004...We were staying with friends up the coast who live right on the Sonoma/Mendocino County line...We drove down to Oakland just to watch the game that day... A's and Angels...Vladimir Guerrero had just abandoned the Montreal Expos for his MVP season with Anaheim...Our seats were right behind home plate but we wandered out to the upper deck in right just before the 7th inning stretch and I took this picture...


Our oldest kid (who is no longer a kid) lives most of the year in Montreal now.

There was a big flood there yesterday on campus.

She was fine, but she had to skip busking after classes were done for the day.

Which means there will be one rainout in her otherwise MVP season I guess.


Oh, and just so E. knows....There have been a few other events of import occur on January 29th...Events like, say....this one.



West End Bob said...

"Happy, Happy" to Bigger E. ! ! ! !

(Is this makin' ya' feel just a tad bit older yourself, RossK ? ? ? ?)

RossK said...


I already know I'm old.



Eleanor Gregory said...

You're making me feel old RossK. Years ago when I, then a mother of two children under 10 years of age, was working as an associate at a law firm, suggested to the partners of the firm that I really would rather work full-time than only 4 days per week, one of the partners said to me straight up, "enjoy your kids while you can because they grow up in a blink of an eye." I guess I blinked because they are all grown up.

RossK said...

Absolutely Eleanor--

It's amazing, really, how fast those seasons go round and round.

Case in point, our littler one, who is not so little anymore, is spending the entire week on this crazy high school thing they call midterms...

Oh boy.

(and weirdly, I think she actually likes it)


Rusty M said...

Is that the game where you caught the foul ball with one hand, with the kid tucked safely under your other arm? Or is that the one where you saw Steve Springer's 1,000 game?

Rusty M said...

Or is that the game where White Soxer Jeff Schwarz summonsed the usher to bring us out to meet him in centre field?

RossK said...

None of the above--

First one was high A in San Jose, was coming from concession stand...Crowd cheered...Christine was appalled...Second was year before...Springer was playing 2nd base for Mets after more than a decade in the minors...Went 2 for 5...And best of all ran like demon into shallow right to catch deep pop-up over shoulder while a loafing Bobby Bonilla barely moved in outfield...Third one was year before E was born also...Almost got lost in swamp near Oakland Airport after that bastard Gossage had me thrown out of Hilton for taping Schwarz telling me that he was making more in meal money that year with Sox than he made entire previous year pitching with C's...Apparently, it's some bizarre, unwritten Goose rule that reporters are not allowed in bar after games on getaway days...And what the hell do I know anyway?...After all, the only thing I ever learned about sportswriting from you was how to get a free breakfast from the Colorado Rockies....Now stop bugging my wife!

(hey - have you still got a copy of that Bay Bridge Series with [the then] tiny e. story?)