Friday, January 04, 2013

This Day In Snookland...The Sacrifices We Make For 'Millar Time'!

A few weeks ago, we established, based on an Email sent to staff by Ministry of Child and Family Development officials, that Christy Clark's government does NOT allow front-line social workers to spend an extra $50 to buy additional Christmas presents for non-foster kids.

To be very clear about this, those kids, who need our help most, are entitled to expenditures that 'recognize', in the words of Clark government officials:

"....milestones and other important events for a child or youth where the purchases of small gifts are allowed up to a maximum yearly amount of $100 per child..."


How many of those struggling kids could have received an extra $50 present, given to them by those in the system who know them best, if Ms. Clark was not shovelling 'consultant' money out the door to her former campaign advisor and friend Mr. Don Millar who was the recipient of an additional $59,253 of our money in the first 10 months of 2012 as noted by The Province's Cassidy Olivier above?

Well, using that new fangled math (i.e. long division) that they, apparently, don't teach to the academic tourists that hang around the Sorbonne, I reckon the answer is....

One Thousand One Hundred and Eighty-Five.

Which is a whole lot of struggling kids that we could have given an extra boost to at Christmastime but did not because it appear to be a higher priority to give the money to Mr. Millar instead, to the tune of $10,000 per month.

But, then again, when you've got smear sites to build....


And, just in case you missed the pre-holiday MCFD flap,  you can read all about it, for the (responsibly irresponsible blogger) record, ....Here.
Meanwhile, Ms. Clark's vaunted 'jobs plan' that is spending tens of millions on stupid useless advertising, much of it disguised as 'fake' news has us at....Number 8!....Gosh, I thought Ms. Clark herself and many of the stenographers in the Lotuslandian proMedia were telling us we were #1 just a few weeks ago...What's that you say?....Not everyone in British Columbia swallowed that codswallop whole?...Well, there were the usual suspects (i.e. irresponsible bloggers) who made a bit of a fuss, but nobody paid any attention until Mr. Akin put fingertip to keyboard as and here.



Anonymous said...

Is CC chasing people out of BC?
This chart seems to show she is:

RossK said...

Interesting Anon--

Thanks for the link.