Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Lotuslandian Postmedia Print Organ Grinder Monkeys Keep On Using That Word...

...Commodity 'News'.

I do not think it means what that they say it means.

To wit:

From: Moriarty, Wayne (The Province)
Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2013 11:37 AM
To: ProvEditorial
Subject: Province-Sun sharing


For several months now, at the senior management level, there have been discussions between our paper and The Sun with regard to sharing more content.

The Province and The Sun have pooled resources and shared a photo department since January 2010. This eliminated duplication – those occasions when each paper dispatched photographers to the same news events, games, concerts, meetings and other assignments. The move also enabled a rationalization of assignment staffing, with one editor from each paper able to cover the department around the clock.

The papers centralized the assignment and editing functions for both newsrooms’ production of Travel, Driving, New Homes, At Home, and Recreational Properties. The Specialty Publications department works closely with advertisers to produce copy for both papers, with an office and supervision that is completely separate from the two newsrooms, and more closely allied with Advertising and the Creative departments.

For special events the two newsrooms have combined staffing in order to eliminate duplication and increase the volume of content online and in the papers, including the 2010 Olympics, and provincial and civic elections.

On Wednesday, section heads and senior management from both papers met to discuss the next step in sharing content. The three areas most affected will be city, sports and entertainment. The objective is to eliminate some duplication in areas around commodity news and event coverage. Excluded from the sharing strategy will be all enterprise reporting and reporting that either paper deems necessary to maintain its unique identity.

Section heads David Carrigg, Jonathan McDonald and Dharm Makwana have been empowered to work with their counterparts on the 8thfloor in building this limited partnership. If you have any questions or concerns, see them or see someone in senior management.


Wayne Moriarty
The Province


Oh, ya....

And just so you know...

We have it on very good authority that, in the business (that these folks seem to be doing their best to destroy), 'commodity news' is not actually news at all.

Instead,  it is the new-fangled, weirdly appropriate term, at least at the front end, for unadulterated pablum that comes the organ grinder monkeys' way by...

...Press release.

Imagine that!



North Van's Grumps said...

Their close relationship "lately", goes a long way to explaining that it wasn't TWO Dummy Editors (one for the Sun, one for Province) who okayed the same Letter to the Editors regarding OIL TANKERS using Active Pass for 100 years!

It only took one , and he's in PostMedia's Toronto head office.

RossK said...


Thanks NVG.