Monday, January 21, 2013

Breaking....The Latest From Deposed LINO MLA John Slater.


First there's this:

"I can't put my fam(ily) or myself through the continual barrage of innuendos and smear which have been launched against me."

Then says he won't run as an independent.

Which kinda/sorta makes you go hmmmmmmm....

And the Dipper with profile is gone from Boundary-Similk as well?

Another hmmmmmmerrr... (see Grant's comment attached to thread)

Oh boy.

Details via Cassidy Olivier's Twittmachine and here.



Grant G said...

Well, this pains me..AGT had the Straight Goods on Marji Basso before anyone..

Just confirmed with Adrian Dix`s team that Marji Basso has indeed decided not to run, citing personal reasons?

Well, the only good thing about that..Whoever had the Marji Basso dirt did the NDP a big favour, they could have bit their tongue until after the writ was dropped, remember the Mr. Kim episode with a picture of him touching a breast on his Facebook page, he resigned, never ran, but it happened after the Writ period and the NDP had no candidate in that riding.

Better now than later, and who knows..

The NDP might just have a star candidate for that riding..


spartikus said...

The man definitely has links to the Social Credit survivors in the BC Liberal Party.