Saturday, January 26, 2013

Latenight In GordSnookland...The Pundit Irrelevancy



Update at the bottom of (this admittedly rather thin-grueled) post...

I'll have more to say about this later (maybe), but as the clock chimes midnight and the late night sports talk radio world once again becomes  Ben Maller's playpen for the next 36 hours or so, I can't help but notice how the weekend columns by the Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer and The Globe's Gary Mason are, essentially, pale, late-arriving imitations of all that has been said and re-said in the Lotuslandian Bloggodome all week long.


I don't know about you, dear reader...

But I, for one, sure am glad to see that The Dean and Rob Obvious are almost keeping up.


Here's the real thing though....

With their star pundits now consistently bringing up the rear 3 times out of 5, where do the geniuses at Postmedia and/or BellGlobeTSNCTVRDSEverythingElseMedia actually think folks will go (and/or nothave to pay for) when they go looking for analysis after those online subscription thingies kick in for real?

(and please note, I am not talking about reporters here....Instead, I'm talking about columnists)

Saturday Morning Silver Linings Update....Because of something a reader mentioned offline, I went back through the archives....And, yes, the Dean himself  did make the Wizards of soon-to-be Snookland very happy indeed when he wurlitzered-up the afore-mentioned 'Nettleton Letter' back during the LINO-Party Leadership Daze......Oh, and apropos of pretty much nothing other than the 'update' sub-header above...Did you know that there are actually pages and pages of stuff on gruel recipes archived in the googleplex?....I kid you not.

And something else worth noting...It never ceases to amaze me how often the proMedia punditry does not give credit where credit is due regarding who actually broke the story they are pontificating on...In this particular instance why can't they, like pretty much everyone in the Bloggodome did, give credit to Alex Browne of the Peace Arch News for breaking the 'Rich Coleman, Influence Peddler!' story?



Anonymous said...

People will believe anything.

Until I was lying beside a dirt road in Vietnam after a sniper just missed me, I never realized that the assholes above me had made 5 to 8 attempts to get me killed.

Otherwise, I'd have remained a law abiding, college educated, fundamentalist, Republican fool.

Persey said...

This comment apropos of no particular piece but an observation based on the hundreds of your blogs that I have now read.

I am pleased to say that I am now up to about a 75% comprehension level on your writings and slowly improving. And most of what you have to say makes sense.

I suspect that all this blogging is an effort to take the pressure off waiting for those funding approvals.

With just a few thousand more readers, you will be able to publish your "RossKinese-to-English" dictionary, the proceeds of which may help to offset those years when the govt doesn't come through.

Thank you for your participation in the bloggosphere. Your creative writing brightens my day.


RossK said...

Thanks Persey--

I was actually referring to the wider Lotuslandian Bloggodome.

In my specific case it turns out to be better than what I used to do, which was to yell at the TeeVee/Radio/Newspaper.


Anonymous said...

As noted, a number of stories broke recently in blogs or small papers, and then reached wider audience anywhere from 2-7 days later.

I don't know why the response isn't faster except that the ProMedia is slower...and yes, they do need to do their own factcheck on things.

I do know that sharing solid information where it exists is important. The wider the information pool the public accesses, the better the democratic choices will be.

We cannot trust corporate media alone to tell us what it good or bad for us. Therefore, sharing links to many blogs like this one is a BIG deal. - Merv

RossK said...

Thanks Merv--

And you are a master sharer of links that matter.

(In fact, so much so that I would recommend that all readers interested in keeping should really follow @mervadey on the Twittmachine)

Merv- what's your take on the re-raising of the paywalls?...Do you think it will dampen the proPunditry's influence?...One thing I do know for sure, it will sure push up the eyeballs turning to the aggregators...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm on the paywall thing, I think it's business Darwinism. On one hand I see no reason why pros should have their stuff accessed free. On the other hand, if they want to grow readership, they have to ensure its worth paying for. Merv

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Was a time I lived for newspaper columnists. Having witnessed the occasional event and seen how little the published accounts of WTF happened were factual I have long preferred opinion to reporting to get a feel for what is going on in our world. Roll Lautens, Parton, St. Pierre, Hume, Boyd, McMartin and Palmer into a big ball with your own intelligence and you were bound to learn something. Sometimes the paper would even publish something from Woodcock to make you really think.

Columnists were few then. To be looked up to, even if we disagreed with them. Now they are many. We get to shut out the lazy and the ill willed. I like it.

I like it that Laila is getting published a couple times per week too. That's progress.

Grant G said...

And the hits keep coming for Christy Clark..

The BCTF and the employer just nullified Christy Clark`s election gambit, her attempt to create a US VERSUS THEM pre-election..

The Teachers union, BCTF and the employer hammered out a negotiating framework..

The reason why Clark and her Liberal GANG brought this 10 year deal BS out now, because the BCTF was already smoothing out a negotiating framework..

The new negotiating deal means....It means Christy Clark` dropped nother dud bomb, her proposal is now..NULL and VOID..

here`s the link..

RossK said...



I wonder...Do the pundits actually draw in eyeballs, or does the latest on the trouble so LLohan do that?...I know that, for me, it's the pundits and a good op-ed page is the reason I buy the dead tree versions of papers (eg. I love the NYTimes on Friday so that I can compare Krugman and DF'nBrooks...But somehow, I figure that the beancounters don't give a hoot-in-heck about my eyeballs...Clearly, the HuffPos of this world have figured that out...I think the real issue for the oldMedia is to figure out how to generate ad revenue in the digital landscape.


Totally agree, but the thing is, we couldn't get that stuff any other way than to buy it (or swipe it from the lunchroom before going home)...One thing I do know, if I was a kid I sure as hell wouldn't be willing to plunk down two bucks to buy the slimmer-than-slim Tuesday Globe.

I agree totally about Laila crossing over.




Do you reckon the Wizards of Snookland saw the denoument coming and tried to spike it with this ridiculous running of the 10 year stupidity up the flagpole as a deflector beacon...I mean imagine where this story would be today without that beacon?

(great work on the freeping of the notsoGiant98's ridiculous poll yesterday btw)


Grant G said...

That`s exactly correct Ross..

BC Liberals wanted to wait until the legislature opened or even delayed their scheme until the writ was dropped..

Intel tells me that the Government got wind , got wind that the two sides were going to come to terms..They had to move fast, failed anyway..

Sheesh, that`s funny.."Government got wind"!

Now that`s an understatement!

Hey Ross...Why did ya make go to the urban dictionary?..Worth the visit.

"freep 246 up, 42 down

To slew or cheat an online poll by repeatedly voting (clearing cookies, using proxies) or to make a blog appear to be commented by numerous posters by the same means. (From the practices of the Free Republic or "freepers")
The results of the CNN question of the day were running 70:30 in favor until an hour ago when it got freeped."

Anonymous said...

Did you see on the liberal TV {global} weekend news they were talking about the how the BCTF and the employer hammered out a negotiating framework..
While showing all sorts of pictures of crustys PR conference when she was spouting off about her 10 year agreement, if you didnt know, you would think that she had something to do with it the way it was presented on GLOBAL?
bloody sickening and im saying that mildly!

RossK said...

Thanks Anon (for watching so the rest of us don't have to)--


It is true...The stupid deflector beacon atop the flagpole has been plastered all over an event of actual significance and the fine folks at Global are happy to be the perpetrators of the plastering.



Freeping is just one variation on the longterm 'media montitored/contractification of everything' that is programmed into every PAB-Bot that comes off the assembly line (shill-stamping optional, of course).