Friday, January 11, 2013

This Day In Snookland...Where Will The Inside Info On The Shipbuilding Program Come From?


For the last couple of days we've noted how it would appear that, with a report from parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page due out soon, the FedCon shipbuilding program just might be moving into rough seas.

Which, of course, could mean a spot of real trouble for the coming jobs-plan propaganda blitzkrieg from The Snook and Company that will be paid for by we the people of British Columbia.


Given the fact that the fine folks within the inner sanctum of Snook & Co are clearly the smartest guys and gals in all of the finest rooms in Lotusland (and/or the local Helijet pads), you'd have to figure that they would want to get the inside scoop on how the FedCons of StephenVille might be planning to chart their way through those potentially rough waters.

Which has us wondering....

Who might the Inner-Sanctumites turn to for a 'job' like that?


We don't know for sure...


We do know that, after she was turfed out of the cozy confines of the sanctum, former Snook&Co Communications Director Sara MacIntyre was initially very concerned that, as a new and somewhat tenuous member of the outer orbit, she didn't actually have an actual 'job' description:

And then, shortly thereafter,  it appears that Ms. MacIntyre, who before coming to Snook & Co was once a resident of  StephenVille (see image at top of the post, above), did have something (kinda/sorta) to do, which was to provide the inside scoop on the then still coming FedCon-engineered Nexen/Chinapaloozapolistic trade deal.

Unfortunately, in the beginning at least, Ms. MacIntyre had a little of trouble coming up with something solid which led her to apologize to current Snook & Co Sanctumitian-In-Chief, Ms. Athana Mentzelopoulos:

Luckily, a week or so later Ms. MacIntyre came up with an absolutely fantabulistically shiny nugget of foolish goldilockian-type stuff:


How could Snook & Co possibly go wrong(er) if they were to go to that well again in an effort to acquire some real high level hard-stuff on the Shipbuilding Contracts that they could then use to leverage even more glorious puff-pieces from the Goodship Watercarrier himself, and/or a whole new passel of bought-and-paid-for News-Ads to be broadcast down at the local TeeVee Station and Organ Monkey Grinders' propaganda emporium?

Or some such thing.



Am I being overly zealous in my treatment of the flack-hackery here?

Well, I'll let you, the reader, be the judge of that.

However, before you pass judgement, do not forget that, before she moved on to SteveVille, Ms. MacIntyre was first the BC Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, that group of very, very fine folks that like to slag, at the drop of a hat, all those terrible, no good, awful public sector workers who do nothing but waste the public's precious treasure.

Heckfire, such finest of the very finest slagging was once even performed by the good Ms. MacIntyre herself.

And then, of course, there's this....

How do we know all the stuff that is pasted into the post, above?....Well it comes directly from a recently released, highly redacted FOI release from Snook & Co itself...
Interestingly, the current Canadian Taxpayers Federation spokesthingy for BC, Mr. Jordan Bateman, has not made any fuss about all the public money that is being spent to keep the former  Snook/StephenVille/CTF spokesthingy, Ms. MacIntyre in the employ of the people of British Columbia....But, then again, when you once laid the astroturf for a three billion dollar ice bomb maker that was also paid for with public monies, well....Maybe now is the time to lay low on such matters for awhile...
Ironically,  Ms. MacIntyre  also once sounded a clarion call about all that terrible partisan government advertising that was going on around here, circa 2005...
And speaking of  interesting ways to further drain the public purse for the most important of reasons...Didn't Inner-Sanctumite-In-Chief Ms. Mentzelopoulos' spouse once have a most interesting Snook & Co-assisted  job to do as well?
Hey!....Was that enough links and stuff for you 'Anonymous' (from Langley?)....



Anonymous said...

My goodness, the irony!

I looked at the FOI release - not sure what the scope was but the very last email that is included from SM dated Nov 11 says -

"Did you want to keep the topics as BC Jobs Plan, Families First and Open Government? ... thanks!"

And then the next 18 pages are redacted!!!

Too ironic!

RossK said...

Anon - ya.

That would have been the other way to go here - but for those missing Rosemary Woods 18 (with no half).

I'll find the link to the letter re: scope.


Anonymous said...

The ship building contract was given to SeaSpan. SeaSpan is of the Washington Marine Group. Was that not the outfit Christy's brother was involved with?

Most of the contracts given to the U.S. The contractors usually bring their own workers with them. The tear down of the old smelter in Kitimat was won by the U.S. The few BC people that did get jobs, were treated like dirt by the Americans. They were not even given safety gear. They had to breathe in Aluminum dust. They were not given respirators, as the Americans were. Most of them quit because, of the dangers to their health. The Americans are building the new smelter as well.

Any of the seven new mines, owned by the U.S. and China? They will be bringing their own people to work those jobs.

Christy forgot to mention. Her thousands of jobs, are not for BC people, nor Canadians. Harper's omnibull bill, gives China the right, to sue any Canadians getting in China's way. China sued in BC, to take the mining jobs.

The U.S. always bring their own workers with them. The mines the Americans own in Northern BC? They take those jobs for their people.

Our P.M. and Christy don't fight for jobs for our people, as the other country's do for their citizens. We no longer have any rights, in our own country.

Chris said...

YOu know, Dr K,one of the interesting things about those fancy "contracts" for new ships is that they aren't really contracts that were awarded.

All the feds did was pick the shipyards that won the right to negotiate contracts -- if their bids were then suitable in detail.

It would take the likes of a big, burly brain like Norm Farrell's to sift through the language and sort out just what we actually given out here on the West Coast, but that's my basic reading of it.

I do't know if this is ever going to happen. I presume so. But it's worth keeping in mind that there really is no contract yet.

Which would have been a nice thing for the press to pursue. Then. And now.

Chris said...

Sorry, a few typos there in my comment, but you get the drift...