Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Doyle Firing Fiasco (ctd)...Does The 'Timing' Have It?



On the larger issue of whether or not BC Liberal Party MLA Eric Foster should have been chair of the legislative committee that recently decided the fate of Auditor General Doyle, I don't think this latest gambit that 'I never saw the letter about inappropriate documentation/lack of receipts' for a big renovation job on his constituency office actually matters.


Because, in my opinion the fact that Mr. Foster was previously fingered by Mr. Doyle, rightly or wrongly, about the appropriateness of the actual renovation itself means that he should have stepped down from the committee until the matter of Mr. Doyle's future had been decided, regardless.


As to the smaller matter of the 'receipts defense' that the media is all over today, well....

It would appear that a comment from reader Merv Adey gets right to the heart of the matter.

Merv's comment goes like this.

"There's more..

Leyne's piece this (morning) claims sources saying receipts were produced after the Au(ditor) G(eneral) expressed his concern..Those receipts would have to originate with a request to Foster's office.

Unless I'm missing something, I simply don't believe Fosters claims of ignorance."


According to Rob Shaw's original VT-C piece on the matter from yesterday, the letter from Mr. Doyle to the legislature that raised the matter of the missing receipts was dated Oct  5th, 2012.

Which begs the following two questions....

First, when, exactly did the legislature request the receipts from Mr. Foster?

Second, when, exactly, was the decision made to fire Mr. Doyle?

Because if the answer to question #1 is a date that is before the date that is the answer to question #2, well...


Now, the first question should be easy to answer. After all, there must be a record of that at the legislature (and presumably Mr. Leyne's 'sources' could supply it).

As for the second question....

Well, apparently everything the Committee does is super-duper secret, so we don't know for sure.

However, we do know that the committee met at least three times since Oct 5th, 2012.


GrantG, also in the comments, steps back and points to the big dog in all of this...The Speaker...We note that Alex Tsakumis can also see the light glinting off the spikes on Mr. B's collar...



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