Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Night Without The Green Brothers And/Or The Mountain Goats


Those crazy Green Brothers have a long-running back-and-forth VLOG that is funny, interesting and just all around boffo on a whole lot of levels.

Younger brother Hank is the musical one (kinda/sorta), who is also entrepreneurial in the best sense of the word, and who helps all manner of DIY kids get started.

Older brother John is the wordsmith who writes books that my kids love.

And, as for the 'Mountain Goats'...

Well, this is the magically musical John Darnielle vehicle that my kids and I, and the Green Brothers too, love also.

In fact I remember listening to John wax rhapsodic about how the second verse of Darnielle's 'Love, Love, Love' is a literary masterpiece:

Which means that it will most likely be played tonight at the Green Brothers/Mountain Goats show tonight in New York City at, get this....

Carnegie Hall!



Given that most of you out there won't be able to make it to the show (although I'm sure you'll be able to find goodly chunks of it up the Tubz soon given the legions of 'Nerdfighters' with image-capturing machines that flock to all Green Brothers events), I thought you might like to see/hear a bit of a substitute.

All of which is just a longwinded way of telling you that...

At our UkeFolkFunkFusionFest show last week E. and I did a weird medley, in E, that included the famous 2nd verse from 'Love, Love, Love' mentioned above as well as verses from The Frames 'Red Cord', Mic Christopher's 'Hey Day' and the traditionals 'I Bid You Goodnight' and 'The Parting Glass'.

Alas, however, no footage of that particular bit of mixmastering made it back to our house.

So, instead, as a substitute, here is a whole different medley in A minor (I think)....

And how did these jokers get in the door in the first place?...And what is it, exactly, that they will be up to in the house that Carnegie built, or sponsored or, paid for...or, whatever?...Well, Mr. Green, the elder, explains it all....here.



paul said...

My connection is too slow - curse you, Cable Copan - but it's up at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=OPlo_T_PZsE
A few years ago - 2008, I think - we went to New York and on a whim went to a book music night at Carnegie Hall. They must have released some last-minute tickets, because we ended up second-row centre. Richard Beralone, formerly of the Bongos, launched his memoir, with, in an only in New York way, Delbert McClintock, Moby, a couple of the Roches, Joyce de Wit (yes,the Three’s Company woman) and Garth Hudson of The Band. Lou Reed sent a video. Walked out into the night on air. It would be fun to live there for a while.

RossK said...

Wow. Just Wow.

That is some eclectic group...And throw in Ms. DeWitt and it seems like the only person in the whole world that is missing is Norman Fell.

(not Farrell - ha!)