Sunday, January 13, 2013

Meanwhile, Outside Snookland....A New Kind Of 'MILF'


Cathy O'Neil is a mathematician and former big-money New York financial world 'quant' who wants to change the banking system for the better.

And she knows how to explain all this stuff, which is evident from her blog titled 'Mathbabe' as well as her recent appearance on PBS's 'Frontline' (see video embedded at bottom of post).

She also has a wicked sense of humour as is evident from this recent passage from a series she calls 'Ask Aunt Pythia' on her blog:

Dear Aunt Pythia,

Do you know you give a new meaning to the acronym MILF?


Dear DrunkGuy,

Now that you’ve sobered up, can you be more specific as to the “new meaning” part? For now I’ll assume you mean “Momma I’d like to Fund (for her open model initiative)”.

Aunt Pythia.


Nevermind  C-FOX morning (or even latenight) zoos, because...

It's the smart women in math (or any other endeavour) who don't pander to anyone when answering 'tough' questions that really 'Rock'.



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