Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The AG Hiring/Re-Hiring Fiasco (ctd)....The Fostering.


Well, well, well....

It looks like the two year extension gambit is out of the bag now.

Personally, I really did wonder where the (not)Premier came up with that ridiculous short term number last week when she came back from her winter boliday and started blathering on about it to anyone would listen, ostensibly because the process was 'deeply flawed'.

Or some such codswallop.

But now that her party's committee has reversed its firing position and have instead offered Auditor General John Doyle just such a very short extension it turns out that Mr. Doyle is not jumping at the chance to get himself whacked upside the head again just 24 months hence.


What does Christy Clark's conflictified committee chairperson, Mr. Eric Foster, have to say about that?

Well, the VT-C's Rob Shaw has the money quote from the fine fellow with the resplendently renovated constituency office:

...Committee chair Eric Foster, the Liberal MLA for Vernon-Monahsee, said he informed Doyle of the decision Wednesday morning but Doyle did not say if he would accept it.

“That’s up to Mr. Doyle I guess,” said Foster.

“If he doesn’t want the job then we will go and search for a new auditor general.”...




Don F. said...

My suspicions are that The non premier is totally out of bounds to ak this to happen. The legislation is a renewal of six years. it is not within her power to make changes out of thin air.
I suspect mr. Doyle will rightfully argue this. Only she Christy Clark could step in and make such a blunder and as you say Ross, UNBELIEVABLE.

RossK said...

Now that Mr. Doyle's expenses have been 'leaked' to media, I really and truly wonder what will be next if does Don.

And yes, I say that without any tongue-in-cheek and/or snarkification whatsoever.

I still can't believe Mr. Foster is still the chair of that committee.


Don F. said...

Absolutely Ross, what the hell is Foster still doing chairing that committee???
As with all things pertaining to this Government this borders on the absurd!
My hope is that John Doyle will use this moment in time to bring forth some concerns he must have concerning their behavior. He deserves that at least.
I can't believe they would go to this extent and not confirm with him until today on what his decision might be. I can't get my head around that stupidity!

Lew said...

The Auditor General Act states that the second term is “for a period of up to 6 years as specified in the reappointment resolution”. A two-year term is therefore possible under the current legislation.

I listened to Mr. Foster trying to maintain that the change of heart was not as a result of pressure from the public or the (not) premier. The fact anyone with his skill set could be elected, never mind appointed chair of a government committee, is disheartening.