Thursday, March 28, 2013

And The Password Is...


Double-Secret Probation Update....Bob Mackin comments on both the AG's and the Fairness Advisor's reports, and the absence of SNC-Lavelin in

Update: Auditor General's report has been released. It

And just where is that six months old 'fairness advisor's' report that Ms. Mary Polak promised Bob Mackin last weekend (just before the re-treaded photo-op) anyway?

Meanwhile, Norm Farrell makes the call on what must come next for the fine folks running the Pacific Carbon Trust.



Hugh said...

What are the different parties saying about PCT? Keep it? Scrap it? Pay back the money? How about a referendum?

James King said...

I think you've got it!

Seems clear that the Pacific Carbon Trust and the myth of carbon neutrality was going to be at the centre of the premier's election strategy (along with the 'jobs' strategy, of course) and the branding of the 90s as bad old spending out of control days.

Our favourite veterinarian and environment guru Terry Lake is now trying to hold that 'green' dream together with accusations about an independent auditor - who clearly has been in this government's sights for months.

I think Bob Mackin's and Bob Simpson's linkage of the 'clients' of PCT and donations to the BC LIberal Party completes the circle on this story very nicely.

The deputy auditor was on the puffmaster's show this morning and he made the case very well.

Grant G said...

Sponsorship scandal tweaked

PCT, EnCana donated nearly $700k to the BC Liberal party..

EnCana got that money back in spades..

How much has Larfarge cement donated to Liberal party?

IMO this is a new version of the Federal Liberal scandal known as the sponsorship scandal..

Could this racket started by Gordon Campbell simply be an elaborate sponsorship scandal? A way to funnel monies to the BC Liberal party..

Corporate company X donates large to Liberals, Company X writes off most of that money, with a wink and nod Company X is funneled the money back from Government, only times 10..Paid back with public tax dollars?

nCana installed this equipment before PCT even existed..

2 dirty hands taking care of each other, methinks this was a method to fund Liberal party, and hoodwink the public while they were at it.

Corporations win, BC Liberal party wins, PCT shills win big income.

Public gets screwed.

Think about it

Hugh said...

We should keep encouraging business and govt to reduce emissions.

By insulating buildings, using solar, being more efficient, etc. It's a win-win because you save on fuel and heating costs.

Just don't make the public pay for private benefits. And don't use the bogus 'carbon-neutrality' scam. It's infuriating.

Anonymous said...

Auditor General's report released, but where's the fairness advisor's report?

RossK said...

Anon Above--

Nowhere to be found, as far as I can see.

Suggest we watch Bob Mackin...I'm pretty sure he will try to chase it down.


chuckstraight said...

And if we think about it, wasn`t that what happened with the IPP`s as well- many donated to the BC Liar Party. I don`t remember the IPP name, but do remember this fellow on the news saying that as far as independent power went, BC was like Saudi Arabia. I think he was kind of correct( no democracy, etc).

RossK said...

Mackin has a report in BIV...See 2nd update to post...Apparently the FA report was 'quietly' released on Partnerships BC website yesterday...

NVG...Do your stuff!


Grant G said...

Name is Plutonic power..

North Van's Grumps said...

Here's one link....


B.A.A., Urban Planning,
Ryerson University,

There was also not enough lead time to allow the corporation to be overly choosy so the “Low hanging fruit” was picked instead with a focus on larger projects that would help PCT
meet its target.


Page 36/37

One interviewee complained PCT disadvantages local carbon accounting
professionals by handing off to “expensive accounting firms that don’t know enough about the process”, adding “You don’t go to a dentist to get your car fixed. Why ask accountants crap coming out of an anaerobic digester is reducing an appropriate number of GHGs as
” According to PCT, staff has helped guide proponents through the process of developing a potentially viable offset but will do less of this over time as the industry matures.

Grant G said...

What exactly was Wazuku hired to do for #PCT? How much public $ went to them? #bcpoli
RodSmelser Pete Quily
12:44 PM - 28 Mar 13 · Details

RodSmelser RodSmelser ‏@RodSmelser 1h

@milowe Perhaps it's unduly nosy on my part, but I would like to know what Brad Zubyk's specific role was for PCT

What did PCT pay Wazuku to do exactly?


Brad Zubyk Christy Clark`s campaign co-chair, main partner with Wazuku, ..

If you read their web site, they offers communication expertise..

"Strategic Communication

In today’s 24-hour media environment, where impressions are created in an instant, you can’t afford to allow others to define you. At Wazuku, we have made it our goal to allow you to take total control of your business by providing a full offering of strategic communications services.

Whether it’s dealing with a communications crisis, building long-term government relations or developing a communications strategy, you’ll benefit from the unparalleled professional relationships we have built with decision makers at every level of government, key members of the media and diverse opinion leaders and stakeholders."

Media Relations

"With decades of combined media relations experience, Wazuku has the expertise to deliver real results. While other firms strive to just manage your needs, our intention is to go above and beyond in delivering for our clients.

Successful media relations is built on three factors – understanding the environment in which journalists and media outlets operate, developing a clear and effective message, and maintaining close professional relationships with key influencers. Our team works with you at every stage to carefully ensure your media relations strategy aligns with your overall business goals and then we deliver what few others do: real results that add value to your business.

At Wazuku, you’ll benefit from the best available media relations service in the province, delivered from the Principal you meet with on day one. You’ll never be passed off to a junior consultant and you’ll always have full access to, and complete support from, our entire professional team."

"Crisis Management

In the perfect world, Wazuku would work with you to identify emerging issues that may impact your business and develop a proactive strategy to help you manage the risk. Emerging issues can include new government policy, a stakeholder campaign or a corporate issue that’s surfacing in the public domain.

We have a proven track record of developing smart campaigns and working with internal teams to help you better manage issues and crises when they arise. But when that 3 AM phone call comes and you have to answer, we will be ready to deploy our expertise so you can deftly handle an immediate crisis with ease and speed.

Our strategy is built on substantive experience, core capabilities, strategic counsel and real world results. Our long-standing media relationships, keen understanding of the media environment and expertise in media messaging will be at your full disposal. In times of crisis, you can afford nothing less.

For 24-hour crisis assistance please call Brad Zubyk at 604-202-5413."


Me smells a BC Liberal Party coordinated attack against the auditor general.

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Grant G said...

Check it out...I smell cheese eating rats..Those paragraphs between quotation marks came from the Wazuku web site..


Anonymous said...

fairness advisor's report
.PDF / 31 pages

p.20 Fairness Reviewer

RossK said...

Thanks Anon--

Ya - I saw that, but Mackin says there is actually a 3.5 page report and I can't find it on that darned (non-searchable) Partnerships BC site.


Anonymous said...

my understanding from reading the fairness thingy is that Shackell was given a narrow mandate* and her work is incorporated in section 6, pages 15-17; pretty thin gruel if that's it

being a good BC Liberal insider Shackell found nothing untowards

* "A fairness reviewer, Jane Shackell, Q.C. of Miller
Thomson LLP, was engaged to monitor throughout
the implementation of the competitive selection
process and offer an assessment as to whether or
not the selection process was carried out in a fair
and reasonable manner."

RossK said...

That's it?

Geez - I thought that was just part of the PR pablum of the thing.

Thanks Anon.