Thursday, March 21, 2013

This Day In Lino-Land (ctd)...Christy Goes To Dunder-Mifflin?


Like the talking points-backed Shrubbery before her, the wanna-be Rovian Wizards running Christy Clark have sent her out on the hustings so that she can avoid the super-scary, and suddenly somewhat uppity, Lotuslandian press-gang in an effort to garner uncritical reports from a supposedly more supplicant regional press.

And mostly, I guess, this has kinda/sorta worked for the last few days or so.

But sometimes unintentionally hilarious stuff that fully illustrates the true lameosity of the strate(r)gy slips through.

Like the above image, from Shelby Thom of Radio NL in Kamloops, of the (not)Premier and her veterinarian really working it in an almost entirely empty Dunder-Mifflinishian-type warehouse earlier today.

Or some such hilarious thing.

And there is absolutely no truth to the scurrilous rumour that a fine, if somewhat unbalanced fellow named Mr. Shrute was hiding behind one of the boxes in the background.



chuckstraight said...

It is af if nothing happened last week re: Ethnogate.
Something tells me something big is going to hit the news re: ethnogate.
Maybe involving Pam Martin?

RossK said...


I dunno about all that...

But, interestingly, Mr. Palmer is now reporting that the Wizards are actually willingly supplying him with the official talking points...Apparently he is comparing them with the 'leaked' ones he has also been receiving.

Regardless the presence or absence of any and all 'kerning' on the leaked memos, is this not bizarre in the extreme?

I mean, now that we are moving toward the official campaign I have been trying to cut down on the snark (thus, the more judicious use of the term 'Snookland') but, geez....

What the heck are you supposed to do in response to the Wizards' blatant attempts to both peddle and pretend that their spin is also their reality?

This is so crazy that I have to stop thinking about it for awhile...