Wednesday, March 06, 2013

'Say Anything' About BC Ferries.


Yesterday, CBC News was reporting that Christy Clark's Minister responsible for BC Ferries had some good news for British Columbians:

The B.C. government says no cost cutting changes to the BC Ferries service are planned before the upcoming May provincial election.

Transportation Minister Mary Polak released the Coastal Ferries Consultation and Engagement report on Tuesday summarizing public input following eight weeks of meetings last fall...

Of course, in true CClarkian Gov't fashion, BC Ferries told British Columbians the very bad news today:

Vehicle and passenger fares on all B.C. Ferries routes will rise April 1 by an average of 4.1 per cent.

B.C. Ferries made the announcement today, citing rising operating and capital costs. The increase was approved as part of a B.C. Ferries Commissioner’s order Oct. 1.

The increases are as follows:

- Prices for passenger and vehicle fares increase by 4.1 per cent on all routes across the fleet.

- Reservations made less than seven days in advance rise to $18.50 from $17.50 for the three major routes between the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, the Horseshoe Bay to Langdale route and the Comox to Powell River route.

- The cost of 10 assured loading tickets will increase from $1,250 to $1,350.


To be 'fair' we are obligated to point out that Ms. Polak did mention yesterday that there will be future cuts (sigh) after the election:

...But Polak says to keep BC Ferries afloat financially, cuttting $26 million over the next three years is a necessity.

“We know that has to happen, and the communities were clear that they want us to talk to them about the technical conversation," she said.

Polak says cuts won't be coming before the May 14 provincial election, and there will be further consultation before any specific cuts are announced...


$26 million...

Where could those 'cuts' come from that would not affect something that British Columbians actually need?

How about....

$12 million for bogus Bollywood awards?


$15 million for bogus (non) job ads designed to pump up the Facebook hits?

There's $26 million, and a little bit more right there.




The Mound of Sound said...

The coastal ferries, especially the major routes to Comox, Nanaimo and Victoria, must be treated as extensions of the provincial highway system. As you point out, there is no shortage of ways the provincial government could cover the shortfalls.

Anonymous said...

Actually, rounding off the advertising is 17 million and that's just for the most recent blitz. I'm sure cuts could be make for the total yearly ad budget. A few less glossy pamphlets in the mail would probably be greatly appreciated and even good for the environment.

Anonymous said...

One of my pet bugabears is inflation.

The Canadian inflation rate for 2012 was 1.52% (; how isn;t a 4.1% rise in rates 2.5% inflationary??? And we all know that inflation is just the most baddest thing that there is!!

Come to think of it, when a Fortune500 exec gets a $50m bonus, the financial press shrugs their shoulders. When the workforce gets a piddly $0.75/hr raise, the sky starts falling. Isn't economics just the most amazing thing!