Sunday, March 03, 2013

Why Did Ms. Haakstad Resign Before John Dyble's Investigation Began?



As Opposition house leader John Horgan told Sean Leslie on CKNW this afternoon...

Now that Ms. Haakstad is no longer a member of the public service, the head of the public service, Mr. John Dyble, cannot compel her to answer any of his investigatory questions whatsoever.

Given that, can the others listed at the top of the 'spreadsheet' be far behind (i.e. as of 5:01pm today if Ms. Clark is 'still' the Premier when the supersonic, cone-of-silence emergency cabinet meeting lets out ha!)?

BTW...Best pre-game show is...Cassidy Olivier's Twittmachine feed.


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North Van's Grumps said...

Oh HO! For the same reason why Christy Clark "accepted" Ken Boesenkool's (Chief of Staff) resignation! No investigation can be done by the boss of the Public Service... Mr. Dyble.

May we ask for HIS resignation, that way NOBODY at the top will be around to know the truth.....