Monday, March 04, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...All The Non-Deletions Of All The Non-Transitory Records That Fit.



Mr. John Dyble and the fine public servant Ms. Lynda Tarras are going to run the investigation into the Ethnic Voter Manipulation Strategy, whose 'language' the (not)Premier apologized for yesterday...


Wasn't Ms. Tarras involved in that investigation of the other person who previously resigned from the (not)Premier's office, the then Chief (not deputy!) of Staff, Mr. Ken Boessenkool?

And, in true 'Dobell Doctrine' fashion, was there not a complete absence of records, transitory or otherwise, of said investigation that was led by the good Ms. Tarras?



Of course that was the case.

And the Provincial Information and Privacy Commissioner has just finally noticed.


From the latter's official press release,

...With regard to the resignation of the Premier’s former Chief of Staff (Mr. Boessenkool), the investigation did not reveal any responsive records. However, the Commissioner asked the Office of the Premier to ensure its practices regarding the deletion of transitory records are consistent with those recommended by the government’s central information management office...


Don't know about you but I, for one, am completely reassured that the Office of Premier has been 'asked' nicely by the Information Commissioner to 'ensure' that 'it' doesn't delete 'transitory' records anymore.

And just who, specifically, is this 'Office of the Premier' personage anyway?


You know.

From the Dean, on the Twittmachine today, there is also...


Mr. Palmer's feed is full of this kind of stuff today, all of which is...highly recommended.


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