Friday, March 08, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)....What's A Photo-Op Worth?



In the case of today's little get together with Mr. Skulsky and the Boys down at the BC Place, and not for the first time...

A mere $2.7 million.

Bob Mackin had the story ages ago in BIV. Here's a small chunk his lede (but go read it all, especially for the shillophantic attempts to justify the largesse from PavCo):

...The service plan for BC Pavilion Corp. (PavCo), released with today's budget, shows a $2.7 million contribution from the provincial government "to assist in securing an event in 2014."

The $2.7 million figure also shows up beside "contribution for Grey Cup" in the 2012-13 fiscal forecast...

And the kicker?

According to the whispers on the Twittmachine at least, after the phot-op Ms. Clark did NOT face the music from the media on other matters that actually mean something of substance to the public at large.

As for facing the music from the public itself?


You know.



Bill said...

"And the Kicker"

That would be another Christy photo op - she throws up a Hail Mary Pass into the End Zone where the Liberal team drops the ball with all to see (again). The media covers the "wedge" and Jersy Girl deflects the fumbling MSM away from tackling more pressing issues of substance.

I guess some might call her performance (in a perverse way) as almost entertaining. I would never be able to call it good governance.

Thanks for all your multiple posts and also the B. Mackin link.

RossK said...


I kind of feel the same way about the entertainment value.

And then I remember how much we're paying for it and realize that we could probably hire a whole regiment of Tina Feys and Amy Pohlers to run our province for a month of Sundays at a tenth the price.