Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Latest Game From the Wizards' Poker Table Called...

...'Smear 'N Hold!'

This morning we noticed that there was a last minute smear going down of Auditor General John Doyle just before his audit of the BC Liberal Government's Carbon Neutral Initiative was set to be released.

And now we hear from reader Grant G, as confirmed by Shane Bigham and Jason Howe of CKWX, that speaker Bill Barrisoff may delay the release of said audit so that, according to one mandarin with a little skin in the game, the 'government' can do a little 'fact checking'.

Or some such thing.

That's sure is some game of poker the Wizards are playing with our government, eh?

Update: The VSun's JFowlie, via the Twittmachine, says that the Speaker is saying that he is witholding the audit to investigate a possible  'breach of parliament'.



Grant G said...

Simpson ‏@BobSimpsonMLA 8m

@JamesTansey3 I'll be releasing who r supporters shortly. How much $$s have you &/or ur companies made from the PCT? Please disclose #bcpoli
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FazilMihlar FazilMihlar ‏@FazilMihlar 18m

B.C. auditor's carbon neutrality report to be withheld http://www.vancouversun.com/technology/Leaked+letters+raise+concerns+over+auditor+carbon+neutrality/8152805/story.html …. In the public interest?
David Schreck David Schreck ‏@StrategicThghts 15m

@FazilMihlar How & why would Offsetter's CEO be told that Speaker had concerns & might not release report? #bcpoli
FazilMihlar FazilMihlar ‏@FazilMihlar 12m

@StrategicThghts. I have no idea. This whole enterprise needs another investigation!
David Schreck David Schreck ‏@StrategicThghts 11m

@FazilMihlar Exactly! Meanwhile it breaches privileges of MLAs for Speaker not 2 release report of Auditor who reports 2 full #bcleg #bcpoli
FazilMihlar FazilMihlar ‏@FazilMihlar 8m

@StrategicThghts. Does the Speaker have the authority to do this on behalf of the House or does he have to get both parties to agree?

David Schreck David Schreck ‏@StrategicThghts 7m

@FazilMihlar I know

Speaker has no authority to withhold...

Why were those letter writers upset?..Common sense says they were leaked report!!!


Grant G said...

at about 1:45 pm...a quick news story blurted out on cknw, and I quote..

"Domminion bond rating agency saqy the province`s credit rating could be downgraded if the NDP win the election and make changes" snip

Are you kidding me????

A rating agencies never does that, that`s not their job,!!

When does a bond rating agency weigh in on a upcoming election..

Something really sick is going on..