Monday, March 04, 2013

Boo Radler Returns To Far West Lotusland...


Well, well, well....

Whadd'ya know.

The very fine fellow who once worked hand-in-cost-slashing-glove with Conrad Black, and later helped send Mr. Black to prison (and who later went to prison himself, albeit, interestingly enough, for a considerably lesser period), is being brought in for the 'short-term' to run the Victoria Times (no-hyphen) Colonist.

Steve Ladurantaye and Paul Waldie have story in the Globe:

...Mr. (David) Radler – who testified against Lord Black in a U.S. fraud case that saw both men serve jail time – will run the Victoria Times Colonist until a new publisher can be found. But the owners of the 155-year-old paper made it clear in a note to staff that it is in no rush to fill the corner office...

Should VTC staffers be worried?

Of course not says Mr. Radler:

...Staff at the paper worry that Mr. Radler, who has a reputation for running lean newspapers and cutting costs aggressively, was brought in to cut jobs. But Mr. Radler said he wasn’t there to swing an axe, only to guide the paper until a permanent replacement could be found.

“There are no massive cuts,” he said. “There are no cuts at all … it’s amazing that the first thing people think is that we are going to unload people.”...

We'll see about that.

After all, Mr. Radler will be in...Will do his thing...And then, apparently...Poof!...He'll be gone.

What's the 'no-hyphen' parenthetical thing, above, all about Alfie?....Well, check this out.



Anonymous said...

Cutting staff has always been Radler's MO. I doubt this leopard can change his spots.

RossK said...

And I doubt that spot-changing was the reason Mr. Radler was hired by the fine folks from Glacier.


Anonymous said...

this might be of interest

Leaked financial network map illustrates grim newspaper future.

RossK said...


Thanks Anon-Above.


Anonymous said...

Follow up to the story linked above.