Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Toto, I Have A Feeling We're Not (Just) In Snookland Anymore.


The new thing to watch for is 'Embrace BC'.

It's a story Jas Johal dangled on Global TV last night.

Embrace BC is a government small grant program aimed at various multicultural and faith-based groups.

But here's the kicker....

The information gathered about the groups during the granting process was to be/is being(?) 'extracted', according to Mr. Johal (and documents in his possession), for....

The BC Liberal Party's election 2013 database.

And guess what?

This all started back in 2009.

Which places its origins smack dab in the middle of late era Gordland.

What are the odds this will come up in Question Period today?

Bonus footage if you click through on the video...The Director of Bollywood Overreach caught, on camera, bolting for the elevator when confronted by reporters yesterday afternoon.


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North Van's Grumps said...

Spring is almost here RossK, time to do a bit of Cleaning of the "House".... no, no, not looking for resignations, today, but there is something that your readers can do today to get rid of Christy Clark's stored images using 36 tera bytes of space. Report the images as Offensive via Google. That should free up one tera byte of space for the storage of Government documents, for Fifty years, when the BC Debt was supposed to be paid off by the BC Liberal government.