Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Bond Diaries...Woodfall by Woodfall.


The latest from Shirley Bond on the billion dollar wood thingy boondoggle as reported by the PG Citizen late yesterday:

..."There is absolutely no inappropriate involvement and I am not going to be apologetic for being an aggressive advocate for downtown Prince George," Bond said. "At no time were we involved in the procurement process directly and certainly NDIT board is independent, as Pat (Bell) has stated clearly."...


Did Ms. Bond just state that she wasn't 'directly' involved?


I guess that leaves lots of room to manoeuvre on the 'indirectly' front, eh?

Billion dollar boondoggle?....Well...Look where the Convention Ctr. started out...Or how about that ice bomb bridge?...Or, best of all, the stadium roof that was only built because, well, you know...Vegas!



Grant G said...

Margaret MacDiarmid Margaret MacDiarmid ‏@DrMacDiarmid 20 Mar

Simply delighted to welcome @diamondisinger to our campaign team! Thanks!!

Ian said...

There's a lawsuit where discovery equals a deal to keep a couple of cabinet ministers out of jail.

North Van's Grumps said...

Bond's use of the word "advocate" is a gem.... Other words that mean the same as "Advocate" are:
apostle, attorney, backer, campaigner, champion, counsel, defender, exponent, expounder, lawyer, pleader, promoter, proponent, proposer, speaker, spokesperson, supporter, upholder

Perhaps the word that the Attorney General of British Columbia was seeking to use, was "Liaison", which is described as communicating on behalf of a Constituent to the BC Liberal Government of Christy Clark's and to the BC Liberal Party's membership.

RossK said...

Very interesting Grant - thanks (I think)



Say what?



But they're just words!

You know, to be used in salad and such by fine folks like Ms. Bond.