Thursday, March 14, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...Who Says Defending The Indefensible Is A Bad Thing?


Because, as the (not)Premier is apparently already saying...

'That's what Leaders do'.

Or some such nonsense when it comes to falling back on the fact that you've already let two of the people that were fingered by the Dyble/Milburn/Tarras/Henderson* report go, so everything is easily defensible when you've 'fixed' everything.

Especially when the third person fingered, Mr. Bonney, was already gone to Homebuilder's Ass'nland anyway.



If you want a real, honest, hardnosed look at how BC Liberal government members should be responding to this thing, go and read Mr. Willcocks.

Here's his lede (but go read it all):

The sordid, bumbling ethnic outreach scandal has sealed the Liberals' fate in the coming election.

It has also finished Christy Clark’s leadership. She is responsible for the actions of the government, for choosing the senior managers, for not demanding to be kept informed, for remaining willfully blind. She failed as a leader. She failed the citizens, and the people who put their trust in the Liberal party.

But what about the Liberal MLAs? This is supposed to be a system in which citizens elect representatives who speak for them and share in responsibility for governing. MLAs are responsible for the conduct of government, or the opposition.

Liberal MLAs also failed. They abandoned their responsibilities and let the premier’s office and political staffers run amok. They didn’t ask questions about who was hired or what they were doing, or set standards...

And now....

It's up to you Mr. Hogg.

*Please understand that there were actually four folks who authored that so-called report (the final form of which has NOT been released), all of whom know which side their OIC appointment bread is buttered on....OK?
Update: Mike Lee, the guy who told J Yap that they had to hide everything,  is also now 'gone'...


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