Friday, March 15, 2013

This Day In Snookland...What The Dyble Report Actually Says


Given that there seems to be all kinds of codswallop flying around the proMedia about how what the Snooklandians did (eg. hatched a scheme inside the Premier's office to funnel government-collected voter information into BC Liberal Party databases) and what the Dippers did (eg. hired someone with constituency money to do consituency work) I have decided that it is going to be important to get what the Dyble report actually said down, for the record, because I reckon there is going to be a massive attempt to pervert, twist and defile the 'record' over the next two months.

With that preamble, here goes...

The following is from pg 18 of the Dyble Report:

"...Following the December 1, 2011 meeting (where the scheme was hatched by 11 people made up of 6 government employees, 4 BC Liberal Caucus employees and 1 BC Liberal Party employee), Mike Lee took the notes away and prepered on his work computer a first draft of the spreadsheet capturing the ideas and activites that were discussed in the meeting. The IT security investigation shows that the document was shared with Dave Ritchie, Executive Assistant to the Minister of State for Multiculturalism, and then Primrose Carson, the Executive Director of the BC LIberal Caucus. A draft of this spreadsheet is part of the materials released by the Official Opposition during the week of Februrary 25, 2013..."
(stuff in brackets mine, based on details also found on pg 18 of the report)



Mike Lee, Dave Ritchie and Primrose Carson, all of whom were government employees paid to do government, not BC Liberal Party, work put together a 'spreadsheet' that gave everybody their marching orders.

The following is a small portion of that 'spreadsheet' with some of those orders:


Re-capping again...

It is clear from these marching orders, in the spreadsheet developed by Mr. Lee, Mr. Ritchie and Ms. Carson, that the intent was to use government resources, initiatives and employees to further the aims of the BC Liberal political party.

And that is what is wrong with this entire scheme.

Furthermore, it contravenes the act that lays out the 'do's and don'ts' for government employees.

So, given all of that...

Why then is Mr. Lee the only additional government employee who lost his job in the wake of the Dyble Report?

And just in case you missed it...Ms Clark started the Bollywood Bonanza negotiations BEFORE any of this went down, back in mid-2011...What's more, she initially negotiated hard for the 'real' (not the bogus) awards that she has since made up....Funnily enough, the deal went south with the 'real' awards when Ms. Clark and Co. insisted they change the date from June (eg. just after the election) to April (eg. just before the election)...A. Hoffman and M. Lederman have that story in today's Globe...Again....Both sides do NOT do it. 



G West said...

Ross: The chronology is also pretty interesting. You'll notice that Dyble deals with events which took place between March 2011 and February 27 2013...

I know you'll remember that Christy Clark became Premier (unelected of course) of the province in late February of 2011 (she was sworn in on March 11) and she didn't actually win a seat until May.
However, if you look at the chronology in appendix d of the Dyble Report it's clear that the process which became ethnic gate began in virtual lockstep with Christy's winning the liberal leadership.

There are lots more questions and lots more answers to come.

Grant G said...

Old news Ross K.

Michael Smyth and yours truly reported on Bollywood fake awards months ago.

I wrote about the fakerooney awards too..

Including putting the FAKE Bollywood awards and ethnicgate pieces together 2 weeks ago, the day ethnicgate broke

Seems the Globe is borrowing stories from bloggers, without giving any credit.

Seems to be a growing pattern..

I Reported the Bollywood awards/ethnicgate connection on March 28th(15 days ago)..THE EXACT SAME THING as in the globe

Referenced and linked to the Bollywood connection here,

and here

And here..

and here

And in detail yesterday..

And the Globe and Mail runs with Michael Smyth`s lead from months ago..

A lead where only this blogger made and highlighted the connection between Bollywood and ethnicgate scandal, on the first day ethnicgate broke

Good Day

Grant G said...

Mistake in the above comment..Got a month ahead of myself..

I reported on it 16 days ago on February 28th..

Well before March 15..

Ed Seedhouse said...

The mainstream media seems to understand the difference between these two things. There was NO mention of the so-called "NDP scandal" in the news reports I heard yesterday, either on radio or TV.

And wonder of wonders, the Dean himself on C.B.C. radio this afternoon seems to have understood the difference and actually explained it clearly and concisely and pointed out that there is no comparison between the two things. If I hadn't heard it I'd find it hard to believe.

Grant G said...

I`ll save you some reading..

From my February 28th post.

"Caught trying to compel the real Bollywood awards organization to move their traditional awarding date to weeks before our provincial election, and when that failed they spent $millions more in public money to create a brand new Bollywood award show, this transgression flows back to the apology today, for details in the leaked planning documents from January of last year(2012)talked of creating ethnic blockbuster events for "quick political wins"..This fake Bollywood award ceremony is scheduled just weeks before our election, this upcoming event is a product of the same planning document for which we received an apology today...An apology can`t undo the produced products that came as a result of the hatched plan"

And again, from yesterday`s Straigh Goods post..

"There are questions about the timing of family day, different from the rest of Canada, and it did fall on Chinese new year, there is also the fake Bollywood awards, we know the Liberal Government asked the real Bollywood awards show to move their traditional awarding date in June to April, they refused and all of a sudden we are paying $12 million dollars to host a first inaugural award show, it seems to have been created for a quick hit, a quick political win..Exactly what is described in the planning document.

Again, fruits of their labour, a well-advertised Bollywood event where stars from India come to BC just weeks before our election, in that contract there are provisions for photo-ops with the Government, with Christy Clark and MLA`s running in our election, this is exactly what the ethnic planning document talked about, in that document there was a particular point highlighted, from the planning document, and I`ll quote the line..

"Create blockbuster events"

Can you tell me what qualifies as an ethnic blockbuster event?

Bollywood awards show qualifies...Again the BC Liberal party gets the benefit, John Dyble`s investigation can`t take back the products produced, no subpoena powers, he can`t compel testimony, he couldn`t interview cabinet, he couldn`t interview the BC Liberal party, he couldn`t access any of their emails or documents, nothing, no ability to take back the forbidden fruit."

Anonymous said...

Reporter: "Premier, quick question from the media?"

Clark: "How are you?"

Reporter: "Quick question for you..."

Bodyguard: "We're going to be doing some scrums at the next event?"

Reporter: "Oh, where's the next event? Just a quick question: Gordon Hogg is calling an external review, would you support that."

Reporter: "Premier, a quick question?"

Then a van door slams shut and clark is whisked away.

RossK said...


I hear Hogg is now actively calling for this external thing.

Of everything 'done' by both parties.

It's still codswallop if you ask me, because this false equivalency stuff, even if it just allegational will be used as campaign by cover by the Wizards.

And that stinks.

And Hogg knows it

And if he doesn't he is both stupid as well as spineless.

Now, why do I use that latter descriptor? Well....He could release his report right now and deal with this once and for all (assuming, of course, that his report is as real and includes as much 'other' info not in the Dyble report as he, Hogg, is claiming)



Anonymous said...

It is not who reported it first, its whose report was read first.

This is one of my first blogs I go to.