Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So When Will Rich Coleman Call Out This Irresponsible Jobs Killer?


In case you missed it on the Twittmachine Mr. Coleman ran into some spelling trouble while he took John Horgan's comments regarding the good Mr. Black's big north coast proposal way out of context.

Which begs the question...

When will Mr. Coleman start screaming at another of those red-taped enviro/safety freaks for saying the following about the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion?

...“When they get to the outcome it’s going to have to include making sure that Kits Coast Guard base is reopened, and the outcome is also going to have to include a beefed up Coast Guard response up and down the coast” ...

I mean, really...

Isn't that just irresponsible job-killer talk of the kind we definitely don't need in British Columbia because it will scare investors away?

You know job-killer talk that was earlier today reported by Metro-News' Kate Webb quoting, you got it...

Ms. Christy Clark.

Which is not to say that I actually believe that Ms. Clark meant what she said...Because I'm pretty sure that by tomorrow she may very well be saying exactly the opposite as she, for example, unveils plans for a new Coast Guard base at the top of Grouse Mountain because they can, you know, 'like see everything from up there'....Or some such thing.
Thanks to GrantG. for the heads-up.



North Van's Grumps said...

Energy Minister Coleman signed on with Burrard Thermal Electricity Regulations on March 12, 2013

Didn't Gordon Campbell kill that deal in favour of IPP?

The whole ball of wax Regulations Bulletins are here:

Anonymous said...

North Van's Grumps said...


F13-01 Increase in No Responsive Records to General Access to Information Requests: Government of British Colubmia

A citizen’s right to access government records is a fundamental element of our democracy.

The right to know promotes transparency in the public policy process, and is an essential mechanism for holding government to account.

All of the Reports are here, including the one above

Grant G said...

Thanks Ross K..

As for Christy Clark`s vacant threat towards the Harper regime..

Christy Clark has completely missed the boat on this issue.

Details here.

e.a.f. said...

Christie Clark really is stupid. As her statement stands, if the Kits coast guard station is re-opened then Kinder Morgan can have its pipeline and the oil tankers can move through the Vancouver harbour or is it we have to wait until the oil tankers start moving through the Vancouver harbour and then we get the Kits coast guard station back again.

The Kits Coast Guard station isn't about tankers and oil spills. Its about the 300 calls for regular type of things which happen out on the water.

If Christie Clark wants the Kits station open again all she has to do is lease the land to the City of Vancouver on the same basis as it was leased to the feds and let the City run the coast guard station as part of the fire/rescue for the city.

Grant G said...

Vaughn Palmer rocks Christy Clark`s world with a shocking story..

A 5 *****..BC Liberal rip-apart special..