Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Railgate Re-Rising...What Mr. van Dongen Said Yesterday...


Independent British Columbia MLA Mr. van Dongen raised the matter of the 'waiving of the indemnities' for David Basi and Robert Virk as part of the six million dollar deal that suddenly ended the Railgate trial, dead in its tracks, in October of 2010 yesterday in the legislature

These 'indemnities' were the loans granted to Mess'rs Basi and Virk so that they could pay their lawyers, starting wayback in 2005.

This, apparently, resulted in them running up bills of....You guessed it....$6 million dollars.

The thing is... The 'official' requirement for Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk to pay up if they were found guilty had to remain in effect until after they plead guilty.

That was the subject of yesterday's post regarding former Attorney General Mr. Geoff Plant's previous claim that a prior 'understanding' that the fees would later be waived if the accused plead guilty was not actually a prior 'inducement'  for them to do so.


What really happened to those indemnities/loans, and under whose authority where they disappeared?

And when?

(were they disappeared, I mean)


That was a matter that Mr. van Dongen raised today in the Ledge in an exchange with the BC Liberal government's current Attorney General  (see yesterday afternoon's Hansard, line 1425):

J. van Dongen:.... My question to the Attorney General is: how is it that the Deputy Minister of Finance, Graham Whitmarsh, acting alone, was able to magically and illegally vaporize $6 million of loans to Basi and Virk in direct contravention of section 18 of the Financial Administration Act?

Hon. S. Bond: While I fully respect the member's opportunities to stand in this Legislature and ask questions, today I ask the member opposite to step out into the hallway if he is going to make the kinds of allegations he is making about senior public servants who are widely respected. To suggest that the Deputy Attorney General or the Deputy Minister of Finance made any illegal behaviour in terms of this, the member opposite needs to shed the immunity of this place, step out into the hallway, provide evidence and stand up to the courage of his convictions to make those accusations in the hallway.


Ms. Bond wants evidence?


What if some of the great unwashed...

...You know, those reckless bloggers and Railgate cultists who obsessively salted away documents and stuff back in the day actually had some of that evidence in hand?

What would happen then, I wonder?

Thanks to Grant G for the Hansard heads-up...
This one's for Mary wherever we may find her...



kootcoot said...

Squirrelly Shirly ain't afraid to "step out into the hallway" with JVD cause she is always wearing that helmet on her head (to protect the soft spot, I presume)!

May I suggest Erik Bornmannnnnn run for the liaRs - then at least they can have a genuine lawyer for AG, as if they will form government and the Human Spider would win. He should be a jailhouse lawyer for all his Campbellite/Clarkist fellow crooks.

Grant G said...

Riddle me this..

How is it Vaughn Palmer can talk about this latest revelation, without really saying anything at all..

At the end of Vaughn`s article..Palmer suggests the Government back-dated the agreement, comparing it to Adrian Dix`s memo???

What a mother %$^&*&^ Vaughn Palmer is.

Adrian`s memo cost the treasury what?

Really Ross K..A five year plus tainted trial, with large segments of the populous hanging on every new revelation, with the prosecution bill in excess of $20 million dollars, the defense bill in excess of $6 million, a sudden end to this charade, a stinky deal where Loukidelis(just hired, with no authority to grant shit) and David Whitmarsh(who had no authority either)..

How the hell can Vaughn Palmer even think of using that comparison?


kootcoot said...

Vaughn Palmer, back in the day, was a piss poor excuse for a music critic and totally over his head pretending to write about more serious issues, like politics and organized crime (i.e. the BC LIEberals).

The "dean" my ass, he is the dean of crap! Unfortunately, in BeeCee, most everybody else that pretends to be a journalist or columnist is just as bad, or worse..........sometimes I'm sorry I learned how to read, or wish I was deaf and blind so I wouldn't have to listen to radio or see these A-holes on TeeVee!

I'm in a really bad mood this morning, missing Mary more than usual, cuz of the anniversary, I guess!

Oh yeah, and I couldn't give less of a crap about which perverted old white guy (or other shade) they decide to make Pope!