Saturday, March 09, 2013

Saturday Night's Alright for Uke (Cover) Fighting!


First, the original from a real original who, thanks to reader Don F., is now on our top Canadian songwriters list...

And now, the Cover, from a rag-tag bunch of Australians, I think who, together, are nothing but joy and light (especially at the end)...

The Songwriter barroom pixel floor brawl started here...Then, after we all settled down and had a few pops, the discussion continued here.
Yes, both Rick Danko and Richard Manuel were still alive then...Alas, they are not any longer.
Second place in the cover fight goes to this kid.
And thanks, as always, to Los Angeles photo-maven Ellen Bloom, whose site I really, really dig btw (because it's kind of like a real life Annette and Frankie movie for grown-ups, I think), for the Uke-Peg Head at the top of the post.



Don F. said...

That was wonderfull to see Ross K.
I tend to get pretty disallusioned these days with the music industry and it's future but seeing the influence, well infuencing, brings extreme warmth to these old bones.
A real treat to me!

RossK said...

Ya Don--

That cover is really something.

Especially when they all hit the harmonies. The last bit is priceless.

I've watched a bunch of their videos now...Really what playing in the living room with friends is all about.