Saturday, March 23, 2013

How Many Fairness Advisors Can Fit On The Head Of A Pin?


Fairness Advisors, which were used to great PR effect both just before and way, way after the BC Rail deal went down, have broken out all over the place in Lino-Land these days.

Recently, we talked about the one that was used in the Prince George wood thingy boondoggle.

And, surprise, it turns out that there was one for the deal that gave the Evergreen line to SNC-Lavelin.

But here's something you might not know if you haven't been reading Bob Mackin's excellent blog lately.

Which is that the same person, Ms. Jane Shackell was the 'advisor' for both the PG Boondoggle and the Evergreen/SNC-Lavelin deal.

And guess what...

Despite the fact that it was generated last fall, no one, including, perhaps most of all given how much the Wizards of Lino-Land hate all his FOI requests, Mr. Mackin, has been allowed to see the Evergreen report.

I guess fairness is best served up hidden.

Or some such thing.



Anonymous said...

Maybe we have reached the point where we need to have an independent fairness authority to appoint all the other fairness advisors.

RossK said...


A 'special' fairness advisor.

That's the ticket!


cfvua said...

A well connected "fairness" advisor!

lailayuile said...