Friday, March 22, 2013

The Lino-Land Wizards Go All In On The Prop Machine.


Recall, if you will, Vaughn Palmer's recent piece on the BC Liberal Party braintrust's ridiculous talking points that were being spouted, almost word-for-word by various and assorted sundry cabinet ministers and the Premier.

It was all quite laughable and demonstrated that nothing that comes out of their mouths can be trusted to actually be, you know, their own.

Which likely explains why they can say one thing one day and exactly the opposite the next with a straight face.

Not to mention just make stuff up.


Instead of slinking away in shame after serial leaks of said talking points, the Wizards have instead demonstrated how little respect they have for anyone or anything by agreeing to freely distribute their propaganda to any media member who asks for it:

And these are the people who pull the strings of the people who are supposed to be governing us?



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