Thursday, March 14, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...When The Going Gets Tough, Gordy Goes Soft.


The VTC's Rob Shaw has the story on the Twittmachine:

Now, more than ever, every single BC Liberal Party MLA should be forced to read Paul Willcocks' take on the Multicultural Voter Information Manipulation Strate(r)gy every single day (morning, noon and night) until the election is over and they are forced to slither back from whence they came. 

As for Mr. Hogg?

He should just go away now.


Because he was supposed to be the reasonable one with the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing.

Instead, he just demonstrated that he, too, is nothing just another shillophant with no backbone.

And ya, I get it that Mr. Hogg is probably telling those that he feels need to hear it that his parallel probe was there to make sure that Dyble and Co. actually found some blame...But that codswallop just won't wash, especially for those of us that have actually been paying attention.
Update: And just in case anybody still thinks there is a shadow of a doubt remaining about Mr. Hogg's willingness to play the shillophant, this should shine even more light on the matter.



Anonymous said...

Gosh Paul can smell the LINO problems all the way to Central America. Amazing! Love this blog.


G West said...

Les Leyn ought to read Bob Mackin as well...he's busy spinning his usual nonsense at this very moment on CBC radio with Stephen Quinn. The man is a worse disaster than Ron Obvious.

Can none of these so-called professional journalists understand that the suggestion that a program of ethnic ratfucking which started virtually from the moment that Ms Clark became the premier and involved most of her appointees to HER staff and that all this was done without her knowledge is so fanciful as to be a joke?

Chris said...

I think the technical term for Mr Hogg is limp, not soft... not that he reminds us of our ex husbands or anything.

Anonymous said...

as per GWest's comment above, a must read is Bob Mackin's account especially the timelines of the scandal.

1. Minister Yap's personal involvement in hiring Liberal operatives on the government dime
2. Liberal operatives pressuring groups to cough up membership lists or lose government funding
3. several anonymous phone calls to various bureaucrats complaining about the strong arm tactics and breach of privacy