Thursday, March 21, 2013

This Day In Lino-Land (ctd)...What Will Tomorrow's Talking Points Be?


First off...

Somebody is still sending those daily BC Liberal Party talking points to Vaughn Palmer.

Here, via Mr. Palmer's Twittmachine feed, is what was on tap for today:

Which, based on today's big news, has me wondering what the talking points will be for tomorrow.


Let's see....

There is that new Angus Reid poll, which has the LINO's down by, essentially, 20.

But that's not really news now is it.


I know.

There is still one, single solitary demo that the LINO's are still 'winning', if barely.

See if you can spot it in the handy-dandy chart, from Mario Canseco and the good folks from AReid, below....


That's right!

It's the well-off.

So...For tomorrow...

Will Ms. Clark show up in Spuzzum (or whatever other hamlet they send her to make sure she isn't ambushed by the big city media herd) and suddenly start shoutin' and spoutin' about how Dave Barrett is really Adrian Dix' brother's uncle's grandfather's cousin who hates job creators and the glorious richness of the Fraser Canyon and the mega-tourist potential of Hell's Gate?

Or some such thing.

And as for that rich people flip to the Dippers that Ipsos had last time out that we discussed a whole bunch at the time?...Well, clearly, it was an anomaly...My guess?....Well...The pockets of creme in this province are pretty distinct geographically and in their ideological outlook which could lead to sampling bias...Think, for example, of the difference between the average burgher of southernmost VanIsle and, say, WestVan...



James King said...

And even among the upper classes the margins are now razor thin. How long can Miss Christy avoid the press - inquiring minds want to know.

RossK said...



It would appear that Ms. Clark visited Dunder-Mifflin today.

(photos to follow)


North Van's Grumps said...

The one number favouring the BC Liberals could be skewed a touch....

the 100K household Income bracket may be buried in the Age category where there is a clear majority leaning towards the NDP.