Tuesday, March 05, 2013

This Day In Snookland...Despite The 'I Will Not Go!' Talk, The Herd Has Turned.


Now that the voting on the faux ShamWow of a budget is done, I hear, via the Twittmachine, that Ms. Clark is running around today telling anyone who will listen that she will not step down no matter what the fall-out is from whatever scandal or seven has befallen her in the last five minutes.


Remember last spring when our (not)Premier was telling us how she has always been a Filapina in her heart of multicultural voter manipulation strategy-type hearts...

And remember how Keith Baldrey couldn't figure out why the average British Columbian was not buying the act?

And remember too how, not long after that, Ms. Clark said that nobody really reads (a then mildly critical) Vaughn Palmer or even listens (gasp!) to CKNW anymore?


I wonder if Ms. Clark will soon start telling us about the irrelevancy of all of the local proMedia pundits all the time.

Because, these days, said pundits appear toall be running as one towards the little hamlet of Snooklandia with mayhem and destruction bursting to get out of their own size-or-two too-smallish-sized hearts.

Case in point... the NaPo's Brian Hutchinson has already taken a rip-saw and pile-driver to Snooklandia's outer buildings:

...Ms. Clark, her party loyalists and some advisors are allowing the crisis to fester. Among other tactics, they pretend the scandal is about 'inappropriate' language while prematurely insisting that nothing unlawful has happened...

{snippety doo-dah}

...So: The Premier claims to want to "get to the bottom" of the matter. But she assigned her own deputy minister and head of the B.C.'s civial service' -a man she chose for office- to lead an internal investigation. That does not make for a serious, uncompromising inquiry...

Meanwhile, the VSun's Mr. Palmer, who appears to have gotten to the scene first, is now standing back to show the catapult launchers precisely where the wagons are being circled around Snooklandia's inner buildings:

...I’ve left the day’s most cynical gesture to the end, namely the announcement that cabinet minister John Yap, whose bailiwick includes responsibility for multiculturalism, was stepping down pending the outcome of the Dyble review.

He was not the minister at the time this outrage was concocted. The man in charge was the premier’s hand-picked serial bungler, Harry Bloy. Yap’s name is nowhere in the fatal documentation, unlike those of various Clark staffers who remain at their posts and on the public payroll...

And the man who is running as fast as he can back and forth to every publication (and/or strange political befellowian-type blog) in town, Mr. Martyn Brown, seems to be using both of his horns in an attempt to gore anything that moves deep within Snooklandia's inner sanctum, especially if it does not have an old 'Golden Era' sticker on it:

...All cabinet ministers must now ask themselves whether they can honestly stand in solidarity behind their leader in light of the problems that have befallen the government under her watch. 

If they cannot, they must say so in private – in cabinet and/or in caucus – and they must act accordingly, by either replacing the leader or by tendering their resignation...

{snippety doo-dah}

...It would be incredibly hard to fight an election prompted by a vote of non-confidence triggered by the Premier’s response to a scandal that her office caused and that has offended so many voters...

And even the Globe's Gary Mason, who was initially off in the weeds, seems to be back smack-dab-in-the-middle of the herd, working shoulder to shoulder with his old buddy Ron Obvious, in an effort to help nudge things along:

...(T)he scene in the legislature said it all about the carnage this issue has caused for the governing party, which was already trailing badly in the polls before it blew up. The entire Liberal caucus sat silently as Ms. Clark answered question after question. A few bowed their heads for extended periods of time. It was as if they knew there is little that can be done now to turn the Liberal ship of misfortune around...


And why no Mr. Smyth?....Well, really....Why bother?



Chris said...

The running commentary by Mr. Brown is my favourite.

i don't understand why every interview with him doesn't begin with a mandatory announcement that Clark fired him, though... might make for some additional perspective, aside from the notion that he's polishing his own historical halo. And Campbell's.

Kim said...

I want to nominate you for the Jack Webster Award for the wittiest, most insightful Article of the year! Grinning broadly at the images you invoke here!

Well played!

RossK said...


Kind of reminds me when Smilin' Sammy Sullivan's former Spam-A-Lotteers used to be described as 'Vancouver Residents' in the proMedia when they managed to wurlitzer their latest inanity against all things Vision (Snowmaggedon!)



Well...Maybe if there was a 'mixed and mangled metaphor' category?


(but thanks, regardless)