Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...Spinsanity!


Well, well, well....

Whadda'ya know....

The Dyble Report will be dropped tomorrow.

You know, right before the Ledge closes down for good and the (real?) campaign begins.


The fact that the Wizards are going to do it tomorrow morning rather than, say, during a docu-dump Friday afternoon tells you all you need to know, I reckon, about the reports 'findings'.


That and the fact that there will be a media lock-up before its release.


They are having a media lock-up for an internal investigation of their own plans to gather personal information on private citizens through official government channels and then funnel said information to their political party's databases.

Have we jumped completely off the Cliffs Spinsanity now?


And which, exactly, will come first tomorrow....The 'Dyble' or the 'Hogg'?



Grant G said...

The writ doesn`t get dropped until 28 days before the election, technically the writ will be dropped on April 12/th/2013..

Although Christy Clark and her bunch of "Today`s BC Liberals" have been campaigning for 18 months.

Lew said...

Any "journalists" submitting to being locked up to read a report like this should bloody well stay locked up. Permanently.

RossK said...

Point taken Grant --

Will fix post - thanks.





Anonymous said...

Here is my guess what the "report" will contain
My boss the person who appointed me to my position, Christy Clark did not have ANYTHING to do with this! and no one else did besides Kim Hakkstad, she did it all without any involvement or authority from any one else, just like the Deputy Finance minister who forgave the 6 million dollars in the BC Rail crooks deal, NO ONE ELSE WAS INVOLVED.

RossK said...


I say the former TeeVee cue card reader goes...That way she'll finally be able to get on that elevator.


Maybe we should start a pool.