Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Carbon Neutral Initiative Audit Comin' Down...Somebody Sure Has Been Busy.


John Doyle's audit of the initiative is set to be released today.

And it is expected to be critical of the BC Liberal government.


Is anybody surprised a CP Report from Dirk Meissner surfaced earlier today in which Mr. Doyle's ability to do the job is being 'questioned' given the leaking of three letters from folks who appear to have some skin in the game that went to:

1) Shirley Bond
2) Scott MacDonald a Pacific Carbon Trust  officer
3) Christy Clark, Terry Lake and Mike de Jong.

Some 'leak', eh?

And given the strate(r)gy likely at play here, I bet there is a whole gaggle of non-Wooded Wizards cursing Kash Heed right about now...



Grant G said...

Breaking news!!!!

Bill Barisoff is withholding the report, Bob Simpson had a presser scheduled for today, it`s been canceled..

Bill Barisoff is withholding John Doyle`s report on Pacific Carbon Trust until after election!!!

The report is damning..Bob Simpson on cknw news stated, and I quote..

"Pacific Carbon Trust is a fraud" snip


RossK said...

Well, well, well...

Whadd'ya know.

It's a new game of Lib-Poker called....

'Smear 'N Hold!'


North Van's Grumps said...

Barisoff is playing the same game as the need to introduce the HST after the 2009 Election whereby Premier Gordon Campbell sequestered his Ministers not to keep tabs on their Portfolios.

If anything, reports that are being squirreled away until after the election means only one thing.... something far worse than the Ethnic Memo.

Colin Hansen, Finance Minister, even with his Radar turned on didn't see the need to check the screen. His shy of a Half a Billion deficit three months before the May election, had descended to $2 billion in one month (but that info was NOT released). The HST came about because Campbell told the DM Finance Minister to find a solution... oh... the DM Finance was same bloke who signed off on the BASI/VIRK Indemnity Clause..... Graham Whitmarsh (now DM of Health).

Federal employment insurance recipients funds running out ... because of the 2008 SubPrime Mortgage: result... a 47% increase in Welfare applications for the BC Province which didn't see the light of day until AFTER the election.

Grant G said...

More breaking news, Doyle`s report leaked to companies on the reciving end of these public tax dollars from hospitals and schools, they apparently lobbied Government to squash the report, and more..

These companies are all big donors to the BC Liberal party!!!

Stay tuned, story is live and going viral..

Liten to Simi Sara..12:35 to ...Segment is still going..Very shocking statements..

Audio vault available after 1:00 pm..


North Van's Grumps said...

Just read your link to Dirk in the National Post and came across a name that was familiar..... "Darkwoods" ..... from 2011 ... while we were gathering the facts together for an earlier Post (2012) of ours... on the money that BC Public Schools are being forced to spend from their Budgets.... not for the education of students, but to line the pockets of Private Corporations ...

Here's the 2011 Post from the Tyee's Ben Partiff on Darkwoods which is billed as 'immense carbon sink' - Environment Minister Terry Lake. Yeah, he would say that....

Independent MLA Bob Simpson has a Press conference coming out this afternoon to debunk the BC Liberal's Pacific Carbon Trust as a total waste of taxpayers money.