Friday, March 15, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...The Swing Team Strate(r)gy Surfaces!


A while back we wondered why, based on their track record, anyone would think that the Multiethnic Voter Information Manipulation Strate(r)gy was the only "Government=Party" stunt that the Wizards of Snooklandia were pulling in the (not)Premier's office.


We now KNOW that it was not.

The only 'strate(r)gy', I mean.

Cassidy Olivier, the hardest working reporter in Lotusland, has the story.

Here's his lede...

Premier Christy Clark’s inner circle developed and executed a comprehensive strategy that used government resources for partisan purposes in an effort to advance the interests of the B.C. Liberal Party in swing ridings, The Province has learned.

Evidence of a second plan originating from the Premier’s Office that violates government standards of conduct and blurs lines between partisan and government work comes a day after the Premier claimed no prior knowledge of the controversial Multicultural Outreach Strategy.

Sources say the so-called Swing Team Strategy was executed through the Premiers Office beginning in 2011 by Clark’s former principal secretary Dimitri Pantazopoulos, a well-connected Tory, with involvement from Kim Haakstad, Clark’s former deputy chief of staff....

Make sure you go read it all.

Because this thing was deep, involved many many government staffers at all levels, and it also involved at least one Minister (and/or a Ministerial office).

Futhermore, it was running full bore before the Multiethnic Strate(r)gy even got off the ground.

Clearly, then, this egregious policy of using the Premier's Office to carry out political hack work was deep-seated as well as systemic.

As for actual governing?

Well....Have you actually seen any evidence of the latter that isn't based on sheer (and shameless) political expediency?

Me neither.


If nothing else, this latest incident should make for a most lively Turdstorm Friday Night on the Twittmachine.

And maybe Sean Leslie and Stephen Smart can get together with the Wizards Jr's to figure out how they can tell us how 'Both Sides Do It' on this one, too.

Which, if you read right to the end of Mr. Olivier's piece, is something that Ms. Clark's spokesthingy, Ben Chin is already 'suggesting'.

As for the good Mr. Marissen?

Well, he says that the NDP does it too and that none of the folks involved were really not really public servants so The Province is all wrong.

Or some such thing.


Thanks to Grant G. for the heads-up.
And in response to Rafe Mair's call for Ms. Clark to resign 1 hour before Mr. Olivier's story was published on-line...Mr. Mair:  Do you really think that Ms. Clark cares about her 'legacy' given her all-pervasive penchant for pursuing both the 'personal' and the 'political' non-stop?....Not to mention her amazing 'Reverse-Kreskin' -type ability to pretend that what actually happened five minutes ago didn't, actually....Happen, I mean.



Grant G said...

Thanks Ross K..Sorry for getting a little testy earlier..You Ross K have been working feverishly, a blogging machine, you are on fire for sure..2 thumbs up


I`m betting Christy Clark doesn`t survive the weekend..

This Friday afternoon scandal involves 20 strategy TEAMS, it involves her previous top staffers, it involves 2 ministerial deputies, it involves a cabinet minister..

It involves a paper trail Cassidy Olivier has been leaked, it involves (talking to Cassidy Olivier)staffers who worked on the strategy teams, those who are talking feared for their job security, they admit it was wrong, and on Government`s dime

It involves more lists of voters..

I`m predicting Christy Clark resigns by Monday afternoon.


This strategy was created by Christy Clark`s additions to her office, additions that came from stephen Harper`s election team..

Robo-call..smear..Mr Poutine..

Christy Clark brought these people in to give her Conservative street cred..

Tic Toc Tic Toc,,

Good Day

RossK said...



It's deep and its systemic.

And it appears not just to be a singular disgruntled 'leaker' anymore.


(And no worries about the testiness - 'twas all fair comment...Now, I've gotta go back in the lab for an hour or so...Hope Snookland doesn't come to an end while I'm gone)


Grant G said...

Here`s some more dirty policing juice..

The polling outfit that was working with Susan Anton, the polling outfit you mentioned a couple of posts ago. they were reprimanded for..


cfvua said...

Saw one very concerned looking S. Bond standing near where I was also watching the CBC talking head tell their Ethnic voter counting story on Thursday evening news in Vancouver airport. . Looked like maybe her lunch didn't agree with her or something?? Or maybe it's all those repetitive questions VanDongen keeps coming up with.

James King said...

Interesting that Sean Leslie tweets that he's merely trying to make sure the NDP doesn't get a free ride on this stuff.

I think that sounds like partisan talk and not journalism - mind you, the tweets were in an exchange with Alise Mills, so maybe it has something to do with the company he keeps.