Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Day The Wizards Of Snooklandia Took Down John Cummins



It looks to be true...

And it looks like things really got going with the generation of the Wizards'-authored 'Book of John Cummins'.



All snark aside...

These people are killing our democracy.

And they really must go now.



Once again, it's Cassidy Olivier who has the full story in The Province.

And recall, if you will, particularly as it pertains to all of this 'Talkin Points Memo' codswallop that has surfaced in the last few days, how  the proMedia bought the story that the BC Cons imploded from 'within', pretty much hook-line-and-sinker, despite the actual evidence, last fall...
As you might expect...The good Mr. Zubyk immediately jumped on the Twittmachine to say that 'everybody does it'...Or some such thing...
Finally...The Wizards may want to look hard at the latest AReid ticker again and note that Mr. Cummin's thin blue line has not sunk any further in the last three months...In fact, if you squint a little it looks to me like the Curmudgeon's fortunes are starting to rise once again....Ha!


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scotty on Denman said...

Chauvinists don't have to believe: they need only to be loyal like a band of barbarian Celts or Germans who will defend their routed, surrounded leader to the death. It's a circumstance BC Liberals might not bear, not even analogously. So in extremis they'll turn their coats on old Chauvin and seek quarter in the only redoubt left to them: the dripping burlap sack they thought they'd drowned the BC Conservative kittens in.