Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This Day In Snookland....She's Baaaaaack!!!



It's now official (and Alex Tsakumis did have it right last week).

Ms. Always Campaigning (a.k.a. Suzanne Anton) is the newly-minted BC Liberal Party in non-CremeVille (Vancouver Fraserview).

CKNW's Shane Woodford has the story:

She's back, a former mayoral candidate is finally getting the BC Liberals nomination she has has been looking for, after failing the first time around.

The BC Liberal have made it official Suzanne Anton will be their candidate in Vancouver-Fraserview.

Anton recently tried to secure the nomination in Vancouver-Quichena but lost in a race to Andrew Wilkinson to represent the party.

As of last week no one had even filed papers to be the liberals candidate in Vancouver-Fraserview.

So Anton was acclaimed.

She replaces current Liberal MLA Kash Heed who won't be running again.

In the spring election Anton, who does not live in the riding, will face Gabriel Yiu who is running for the NDP...


Kind of helps explain the pre-emptive knee-capping of the Dipper candidate Mr. Yiu, who was the victim of the Kash Heed campaign smear in that riding in 2009, by Bill Bennett in the Ledge last week, eh?

Well, that and the Dipper In-And-Out scandal that wasn't, which is now being conflated as being the same thing as the Multicultural Voter Manipulation and Data Dumping Strate(r)gy by the Wizards.

Or some such thing.

Interestingly, Mr. Tsakumis, with a little help from a previous report by the Dean, had that one last week too.

Am I the only one who has noticed that everywhere the (not)Premier goes this week, including various and assorted 'Strate(r)gy' events, she invariably, and often immediately, invokes the Dyble Investigation ?...And if that is not a big enough red flag for you....How about that 'rumour' that said investigation will apparently be released on Friday the day AFTER the Ledge will 'allegedly' be shut down for the duration...
More to come on the RailGate Six Million....Just waiting to see if Mr. van Dongen raises the matter again in the Ledge this afternoon...I'm really enjoying searching through Mary's massive archive for the memory jogs and jolts...



G West said...

Hey Ross,
You're gonna have to carry the coals on this one at Tyee (story up on the Hook and big on the CBC this am too). G West is on a seven day furlough - apparently because he used an 'ugly characterization' on the Gordon Wilson Hook story last week.

West End Bob said...

Well, at least if Ms. anton is a bonafide candidate she can't be runnin' her nasal whiney mouth on the radio airwaves without equal time to her opponents.

Can she, RossK ? ? ? ?