Thursday, March 14, 2013

This Day In Snookland...Thine Dinner With CC.



It turns out that there is actually a little good news for the Wizards in the new IpsosReid poll.

Which is that the multimillion dollar smear campaign against Mr. Dix has, to a small degree, had the desired, if somewhat delusional, effect.

Because they (the Wizards and their surrogate smear monkeys, I mean) have managed to drive up Mr. Dix's hard negatives a little.

Which, as we predicted awhile back, was the only thing they had left after their dastardly destruction of the Curmudgeon and the Cons was complete (Hey! Speaking of which...where is that noted, and previously much lauded, naturopath from South Surrey these days anyway?).

But here's the really, really bad news for the Wizards and the monkeys on their shoulders...

None of that codswallop matters anymore given that the smears are only working for the far-right fringe anyway.

How do we know this?

Because Mr. Dix' positives remain rock solid, and the Dippers as a whole are actually rising again (i.e. they are now over 50%) by taking support away from the BCL.

Which means that, at this rate, the Snooklandians will be little more than a rump-roast party come May 15th.


No wonder the floating of the 'new party' trial balloons started in earnest again earlier this week.

As for that little factoid that more folks, apparently, would rather have dinner with Ms. Clark than Mr. Dix...


Don't forget that, before he almost singlehandedly destroyed their country, most Americans really, really wanted to have a beer with the Shrubbery.


Now, as to that Dyble whitewash/lock-'em-all-up thingy due out just before lunch...What do you reckon?....I figure it will be Sparkle Ponies for everyone 'involved'.... To be ridden, of course, while wearing new-retro Lillian-type headbands with catchy new word-salad non-apology apology slogans and fealty forever to St Francis...Or...Well...Whatever.
Finally...Don't know about you but, I wouldn't be surprised if the fortunes of the Curmudgeon and Co. were to actually rise 3-5 points over the next few weeks as they continue to hammer away on the commie-pinko aspects of the Wizards' fake budget which will almost certainly push some of those LINO's most susceptible to the Wizards' smear strategy back to the right...And if that happens new-con Rita Johnston will be able to hold her head up even higher come May 15th...



Grant G said...

Keith Baldrey calls this poll a disaster for BC Liberals.


Anonymous said...

Dix and the BC NDP, are Sunday school teachers compared to, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Harper.

What's with Baldrey? He is a staunch supporter of the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. Much of the media, stabbed the BC people in their backs. I am not about forgetting, any of that. I canceled my newspapers, I will not subscribe to them, ever again.