Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Dippers Have Some Questions For The Pacific Carbon Trust Re: Wazuku.


More specifically, BC-NDP Finance critic Bruce Ralston has questions for Pacific Carbon Trust CEO Scott MacDonald that include the following:

- Were...senior managers responsible for the decision to hire public relations firms to manage the release of this damning report (from the Auditor General)?

- Was any direction received from government to take this course of action?

- Specifically, was it the intent of the Pacific Carbon Trust from the outset to discredit the work of the Auditor General through the use of public relations firms?

-Did the contracted organizations work with third parties in an 'orchestrated letter-writing campaign from domestic and foreign entities' that served to undrmine the Auditor general and his work?

- How much were the public relations firms paid for their work?

- Do these firms continue to be retained by the Pacific Carbon Trust?

All important questions that should be answered by the CEO of a public body that utilizes/spends public funds.

I would add another:

- Did the Board of Directors of Pacific Carbon Trust, of which a principal of the public relations firm Wazuku Advisory Group, Mr. Michael Watson, is a member, have any knowledge of your hiring of the PR firms that included, according to the Vancouver Sun, the Wazuku Advisory Group?




Anonymous said...

checked the Vancouver Sun's salary database and Pacific Carbon Trust is not listed, nor is its CEO Scott MacDonald

RossK said...

Thanks Anon--

Anonymous said...

found a bit of salary info for 2010/11 = 1st 'operational' year

David Moffat, Managing Director - Business Development = $153,562

Scott MacDonald, CEO = $171,241