Friday, March 29, 2013

Are The Bogus Bollywood Awards Really Sold Out?


Earlier today we noted that a very fine PR firm called the 'Laura Ballance Media Group' has worked for, or is currently working for, the Pacific Carbon Trust and the Bollywood Awards show, both of which we are paying for, either directly or through monies ripped from schools and hospitals that will now no longer be used for kids and/or patients.

Interestingly, when it comes to, the ticket sales for the Bollywood thingy, back in late February a Ms. Laura Ballance from the above mentioned very fine PR firm, said the following, which the Vancouver Province entertainment-division printed, straight-up:

Tickets for the first-ever Times of India Film Awards gala in Vancouver were “virtually sold out” within two hours of officially going on sale.

About 35,000 tickets for the April 6 awards ceremony at B.C. Place went up for grabs Friday morning at 8 a.m. — and by 4 p.m. only a few single tickets remained.

“I was — I have to admit — surprised at the actual amount of tickets that went so quickly,” said Laura Ballance, with Laura Ballance Media Group — the PR firm leading the North American media relations for TOIFA. “It was virtually sold out in the first two hours.”...

All of which is surprising to me, because the following is a screenshot from the Ticketmaster website that I took yesterday, March 28th...

Please note, that the deeper the blue, the greater the ticket availability in that particular section.



Is it possible that 'virtually' sold out is not quite the same thing as 'really' sold out?

(and I say all this without even getting into the issue of comped tickets that I'm pretty sure Bob Mackin will be looking into any day now)



Anonymous said...

when I buy a lottery ticket I'm 'virtually' a millionaire - at least until the draw/show

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Tony Martinson said...

Pat Bell once happened upon the truth. They made eye contact, but because the two were not familiar, they each went on their way.