Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Multiethnic Voter Manipulation Strategy Boomerang?


Well, well, well....

Whaddy'a know, from that personal press release thingy:

Friends of Mayoral Candidate Surrey-2011, Vikram Bajwa, are suggesting to him to contest the B.C. Provincial Election, against Premier Christy Clark from Vancouver-Point Grey, as an Independent. To stand-up for British Columbia, taxpayers and the multicultural community in the wake of the "Ethnicgate" scandal gripping the Liberal Party of BC.

Ron Dhillon, Susan Watts, Cindy Chang, Jinder Dosanjh, Bill Riner and Pam Johal, comprise the Election Strategy Group.

Vikram says: "If she does not resign I'll put my name on the ballot, since the Liberals will lose."

The name nagging at you a little bit?

Well, there was this, from Snooklandia's ancient history (eg. last weekend).

Meanwhile....The freeping over at the (nolongerso)Giant 98 continues uanabated...Today's poll question 'Does CClark exhibit the qualities of a good leader?'....65% says....'Yes'....Me still laughin'.


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