Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Latenight In Snookland...The Yellowing.


You want to understand what happened with this BC Liberal Party wurlitzering of a fake scandal that the Auditor General's final report on Ledge spending debunked when it was released today?


Head on over to Ian Reid's place right now.


And after you read Ian's post you, like me, may come to realize that the most egregious of Mr. Bill Bennett's tweets was not the turd-stormy one...Instead, it was.....This one.



Grant G said...

" Political:

- If an election were held tomorrow, 51% of those polled would vote for the NDP, 32% for the Liberals, 9% for the BC Conservatives, and 7% for the Green Party. This is an increase of 3% for the NDP since November
- 37% of those polled think Adrian Dix would be the best premier, compared to 22% for Christy Clark, however 30% would most like to have dinner with Clark, compared to 19% for Dix"

Dana said...

I wrote to some of the honchos at The Sun.I was sent screen shots of front pages lately, many of which are very critical of the Clarkers. None of which had the above the fold story Ian refers to. A screens shot would be good. Unless t's just smoke...which I don't like to believe.