Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Moment My Setlist Went Electric.


Update: First posted this last Saturday night....But lots of folks are still listening...So I'm moving it up so it doesn't get completely lost for a bit...

Just want to warn you, right up front, that I'm going to get even more self-indulgent than usual with this one...

(so feel free to skip this post if that kind of thing gets up your nose)


Last Saturday night I was noodling around and recorded a few songs with a little bit of family update patter sprinkled in to send to my oldest kid who is going to school in Montreal.

But when I was finished the file was too big to send it her by Email so I posted it here on the blog instead so she could listen to it.


What I'm about to show you means nothing in terms of popularity, virality, or even the teensiest-tiniest smidgeon of internet fame or anything like that.

But, still, I was truly astounded when I checked the numbers earlier this afternoon and saw this...

Just so you know...

Usually when I post a bit of audio it will garner something like a hundred or so listens over the three month cycle that it stays up on the free service that I use.

So, while I have no idea if that 'Year That Dylan Went Electric' number above means that a 1000 of you listened to the 'Setlist' once or twice or if 100 of you listened to it 20 times, I really, really want to thank those that did.

And I also really want to thank those that have contacted me with words of encouragement and, yes, words of joy.


Lots of people who know me in my other life ask me how I can be so open about things like this. After all, I'm a late middle-age academic with one grown kid and another well on the way to being so.

And I am not a real, or even really very good, musician or, truth be told, writer.

But both are something I like to do. And both are something I like to try to do pretty openly and honestly.

And honestly, except for once or twice, the folks who stop by here have been nothing but convivial, interesting and, invariably, encouraging.

Which really is something pretty darned amazing if you think about it.

Anyway,  below is a little song of thanks to tide those who might want to hear a little more over until I finish the next real sound project I'm working on...


And if you would like to go to the 'New Music For E.' directly without all the blog-blather, etc., it's.....Here.



karen said...

Love this post title!

It makes ME happy that it got so many plays. It must be a pretty good feeling for you.

Your blogger count only gives you part of the picture, by the way, because I (for one?) downloaded it and played it over and over the day you posted it.

I do appreciate your no nonsense view of politics, and my sense of outrage continues to be well honed thanks in part to your blog, but I really like the music and science and real people stuff the best.

Don F. said...

I'm at a loss for words but let me just say I enjoyed that immensely!
When listening my mind cleared of all other thoughts and i was just totally caught up in the word picture you painted. One of the most fitting uses of music is to set mood as in a soundtrack of a movie to tell feelings being felt or depicting a situation. Your rendition of this song had me seeing real people,myself included, at certain points in life.
That is a true gift my friend!

Glen Clark said...

I've never commented on a blog before... but just wanted to thank you for all your commentary and for the music. I travel a lot (too much) and checking your blog keeps me better connected than all the other 'stuff'. Really, really appreciate it!! (course I share your politics and music taste!)

RossK said...


Thanks so much.

And I'll be sure to send you a cleaned-up version down the road.

And thanks for the encouragement about the non-political stuff because that's what I actually like doing most.



That tune has a lot of history, and feeling, in our house...It was played many, many times around that time just before dreamland back in the days when both of our kids were young and they slept in the same bedroom, in the same bunk bed...I used to fiddle with the words and verses a lot to make it appropriate for small kids...Used to do the same with Springsteen's Nebraska by turning it into a travelogue rather than the Charles Starkweather-like rampage that it really is.

So thanks for the comment, as it really does help me worry less about my musical (and technical) deficiencies.


Here's the thing...

As per Karen's comment above, I really have been trying to cut down on the 'all-the-politics-all-the time' posts around here and spend more time and effort doing the other stuff.

For all kinds of reasons, one of which is to help keep my blood pressure down.

And then along comes some guy named 'Glen Clark' who says he enjoys both.


Now what the heckfire am I supposed to do?!

(he typed while smiling)